We’ve been to a mix of old favourites and further-away places this past few months so I thought I’d do a round-up of some of the walks from September to November. If you’ve read my blog before, you might recognise some of the places.

Sunningdale  We headed south to visit @HeatherAlex’s mum in September, and had some lovely weather.

glof course

Glorious early morning sun at the golf club

It was quite warm, so we also went to Virginia Water a few times.

2 virginia water

I like splashing in the lake when it’s warm…

I got to do quite a lot of splashing on this visit. We met a film director who was trying out his new toy, a 360-degree camera, and he asked if he could film me (ME!!) playing in the water. I negotiated a very high fee (he had to throw lots of sticks for me) and you can see what it looks like here on YouTube. You can hover over the video, grab it and spin it – it’s VERY cool! (if you want to see me, and why wouldn’t you, I’m on at 2’15)

Bar Hill & Croy Hill We’ve been here quite a few times with different folks, but in October we went with Maxy and Eddie (and Clare) to walk round Bar and Croy Hills. There’s a description of the walk here, but sadly the Boathouse had closed just a few days before we went.

trig point Croy Hill

On top of the hill!

The weather wasn’t great but the rain only really kicked in just before we got back to the car – it was so heavy that we got soaked very quickly! @HeatherAlex fell over on the way down the hill – I did my best not to chuckle 😀

Gartmorn Dam We’ve been to Gartmorn Dam once before, a l-o-o-o-ng time ago, but I don’t think I ever wrote about it. Time to put that right, as we now have some photos from an October trip with my good buddy Finzi.

It’s a beautiful place, and – just for once – it was a beautiful day without a rain cloud in sight!



Of course, there were lots of paddling opportunities for me and Finzi.



The people enjoyed it too, I think. I suspect we’ll be going back 🙂

8 gartmorn

Mugdock We go quite regularly to Mugdock Country Park, but we don’t often see this feller hanging around…

15 mugdock

A Halloween visitor to Mugdock?

Loch Ard At the weekends, we sometimes head a little further afield, and Loch Ard is one of my favourites – woods and water, what’s not to like?  There’s also several sculptures there (you can read about them in one of my Big Walk posts) and it was great to see that the eagle is back on its perch after some time away!




Falls of Clyde The falls aren’t always impressive as lots of the water is used to make electricity, but when we went in November, there was LOTS of water!



Polkemmet Country Park  This is a new park for us this year. It’s not very big but it’s handy if I need to have a walk before (or after) heading to our agility training near West Calder.

park sign board

Our map for the walk

On our second visit, I had a bit of an adventure. @HeatherAlex was chatting to one of her agility friends so I decided to go explore along the river. She got a bit worried when she couldn’t find me and I didn’t come back when she whistled. What she didn’t know at first was that I had managed to get across the river but wasn’t able to get back. There’s only one bridge and it was a fair way away from where I ended up. I was a bit anxious, I admit, as I wanted to get back and have some treats but the river was scary! Once she spotted me, she ran along her side of the river and called me to follow her down my side of the river, and we were doing very well till I got a bit stuck. I tried standing on a rock, but it was too scary…

dog on a rock

Nope, I can’t get across here… 😦

There was a happy ending, though, as we went back a bit to a slightly easier spot and I rock-hopped almost all the way across. She had to wade in the river to grab my collar and help me make the last jump, so it was a good thing that she had her wellies on!

All in all, a varied set of Autumn walks. Wonder where we’ll be going this winter?