Some of you might remember that last year we hired a campervan and headed north to a wee village called Contin. You might also remember that I wasn’t particularly happy about that whole trip. Maybe it was the smell of all the furs who’d been in the van before me, I don’t know. Anyway, I thought that me being unhappy meant that @HeatherAlex would give up on her idea of buying a van.


It did not.

In January, she came home from a day away and told me she’d bought our very own van and wouldn’t that be lovely? Hmmmm….I wasn’t so sure.

autocruise accent van

The van … It’s quite big …

She brought back some pictures of it (of course) so I could see what it was like…

autocruise accent van

That’s the kitchen on the right – doesn’t look very big to me

autocruise accent van

Seems that these turn into our bed?

autocruise accent van

There’s even a toilet!

autocruise accent van

That kitchen still looks small to me…

About two weeks later, off she went to get it and brought it home.

autocruise accent van

It’s been clamped already! 😉

When she brought it home, she put loads of my things in it – blanket, seat cover, vet-bed, a towel or two, even some toys. And it smelled like it was, well, mine. So maybe I could get to like it?

Since then, I’ve been in and out of it a few times to play and get treats. It doesn’t live with us any more, as it is too big for our street really, but I’ve been over to visit it at its new home a couple of times, and every time I get a nice chew. I think someone is trying to bribe me!

Oh and it’s got a name now. Seems that “it” is really a “she”, and she is called “Poggle”. If you are very clever and observant, you may spot that that is based on its, errm, HER numberplate. And that is thanks to my pal, Teagan, whose mum suggested her name. So Poggle she is, aka the Pogmobile, or the Pog for short. I’ll be writing about our adventures with Poggle in future!