A couple of weekends ago, we went to do some agility training at a farm near Biggar (which isn’t very big, as it turns out).

I really enjoyed the training in the morning, practicing things that @HeatherAlex finds difficult (like running fast and right-handed weaves and things called “Ketschker turns”). By the end of the 2 hours, she was not bad at most of that. Well, not the running fast bit, but the rest of it 😉

It was a bit of a drive to Biggar, so she decided we’d do a walk on the way home rather than go to one of our usual places. A wee detour off the route took us to the Falls of Clyde, a nature reserve on the River Clyde. With woods and a river, we thought it’d suit us perfectly.

We combined two of the waymarked trails for our walk (turns out we pretty much did the walk described on the WalkHighlands website). We missed the main car park and ended up in historic New Lanark by mistake but, as it wasn’t very busy, we were able to park there after all.

looking back to New Lanark

New Lanark

So….off we set.

hole in the wall

Why am I going the wrong way? We’re practicing “recall” 🙂

The reserve is looked after by the Scottish Wildlife Trust, and they have done lots to make anipals feel more at home here. There are bats, badgers, peregrine falcons and otters, it seems, but I didn’t see any of them 😦


Checking out the start of our walk…

There was a big notice board with lots of warnings and instructions on it…

instruction board

Do I have to be on the lead?

It says I have to be under “close control”, mostly because there are some very steep sides where I could fall a long way down into rocks or the river. In those places, I was on the lead, but the rest of the time, I could run around and explore everything. That’s why we were practicing our recall, to make sure I remembered about being under close control 🙂

path thru woods

The paths were good, with lots of sniffs…

boardwalk thru woods

…but I prefer being off the boardwalk…

Twiglet by the river

…and by the river is best!

I said I didn’t see any badgers, but I did, sort of. It was on the side of a building and it was HUGE!

badger painted

If I ignore it, maybe it won’t eat me…

The views were great as we walked up past the various falls (or “linns” as they call them), so here are a few pics of the river gorge and the linns.

view of gorge

Aren’t the colours lovely?

Corra Linn

Believe it or not…


…the falls are not as huge as they were…


…because lots of the water goes to the power station

Mind you, some of the water is kept for a water fountain, just for us anipals 🙂

carved fountain

Perfect (slurp)…just what you need on a long walk 🙂

Further along the river, there were – yes, you guessed it – more views of the river and linns…

river clyde

Can’t beat a colourful pic of a river and trees…

Bonnington Linn

…and more waterfalls…

On the way back, we took the Woodland trail, which looped up away from the river. It was surprising how quickly the trees shut out the noise of the river, which had been pretty loud when we were near it.

woodland trail

There’s a pinecone there, ready to be kicked…

In one place, they’d chopped down some trees, but they also planted some baby ones to take their place…

new plantings

Some of those baby trees look a bit crooked!

Finally, we came back to the river and walked back to New Lanark, in time for me to have my tea in the car and a snooze on the way home.

river view

A last look at the River Clyde before heading back to the car….

It was a great day. I think we’re going back to Biggar for more training, so maybe we’ll go back to the river as well.