They’ve been working on improvement projects at one of my favourite parks: Rouken Glen. There are new trees and a new fence (I can still get through it, phew!), but they have just opened the biggest project – a new path. Actually, I think it may be an old path as well, but in any case this week we went to explore it.

At one end of the glen walks, the end we usually go to, there are some steps. They’ve been there a long time, but they have had a makeover:

steps at Rooken Glen

Yes, those steps ARE squinty!

They go down at a funny angle, so the people going down find it a bit odd, but I just skip down them or run down the bank at the other side of the fence. Anyway, at the bottom, there’s now a new path going off to the right. We usually go left and down to the bridge over the water, but this time we decided to explore the new path.

new path at Rouken Glen

A new path to explore!

It all looks very new but there are some old foundations, metal rails, running under the new wooden path, so we think that maybe there was an old path there long ago. The new path has new foundations, but if you look back alongside it, you can see the old rails.

new path at Rouken Glen

Can you see the old path’s foundation?

After that section, we thought it was just going to be a normal path, but it looks like it would be very muddy walking, so they have built a brand-new boardwalk that goes for quite a way across to the bridge over the water.

new path at Rouken Glen

It’s all very new…

I quite liked the idea of exploring the muddy bits but I was asked not to, and as you know I’m very obedient (!) and decided I’d rather have the treats this time. Next time, who knows…? πŸ™‚

new path at Rouken Glen

There’s a bridge over the water too

There’s a mini waterfall here (there’s a much bigger one at the other end of the glen) but I couldn’t get down to the water.

The new path runs out just after this, but there’s still a track through the woods so we decided to see where it went. It turns out it goes to meet the paved track that runs alongside the golf course. There can be cars along there, and the golf course has no fence, so I was on the lead for a bit. Not so keen on that, to be honest, but it’s safer for me and the golf balls, I suppose. After a short walk, there was a signpost to go back into the park and the woods, so we did that and found ourselves at the bottom of the “puppy field” where we play Fetch. So I chased my ball lots and got very warm. For some reason, they’ve dug some big holes at the high part of the field, which was perfect for a nice muddy cooling dip.

puddle at Rouken Glen

Ahhh, a nice dip after all that walking!

@HeatherAlex wasn’t too happy with that, so I cheered her up by splashing around in the river later on and got rid of most of the mud πŸ™‚

I like the new walk but… with so much wood, there’s not a huge amount to sniff, and I don’t like having to be on the lead along the road, so I’m not sure if we’ll make it a regular part of our walks. It’s a nice path for people though, so I hope lots of them will find it and use it!