Every year, me ‘n’ @HeatherAlex try to do something to help raise money for something we support. In the past, we’ve walked for John Muir Trust (1000 miles) and Dogs’ Trust, because we love the outdoors and other dogs (of course!).

This year, we’re walking for a charity that helps women set up their own businesses so they can make their lives better. It’s called WEvolution, and it helps women by creating small communities of them who help and support each other while doing business.

Just for a change, we’re part of a team this year, from Scottish Women In Business (SWIB) – WEvolution was chosen to be SWIB’s charity of the year for 2016 – and we’re taking part in something called the 5×50 Challenge. There’s lots of different ways to take part in this, but all involve doing some exercise for 50 days. We’re doing the 30-minutes-a-day version instead of the classic 5km-a-day, partly because of my sore leg from March. But I think @HeatherAlex was worried about the days when I’m off to play with my friends at day-care and whether or not she’d get out and do 5km!

So far (today being April 6), we’ve walked nearly 46km and spent over 12 hours doing that.

If you would like to support our 50 days of exercise for WEvolution, it’s dead easy – just pop over to the team’s fundraising page to make a donation 🙂

Thank you!