After Cornwall, our second week of holidays was in North Wales in a place called Caernarfon. It was MUCH bigger than where we stayed in Cornwall, and had a HUGE castle as well.

Caernarfon castle

It’s a very big castle but it’s not dog-friendly so we didn’t go in…

This week we had our good friend Carolyn staying with us for most of the week. I like snuggling up with Carolyn…

twig on seat

There’s just about enough room for both of us…

We used a different book to help us find good walks this week. It was very clear in all its instructions which made doing the walks straightforward.

guide book

Lots of good walks in here, but only a few were near where we stayed 😦

We stayed in a nice dog-friendly house just on the outskirts of Caernarfon, with a park across the road for our early morning walks and a steam railway just below us! The only slight problem was the two (TWO) cats next door as I spent a lot of time trying to see them and chase them. There was a lovely conservatory with views into the garden so I could play Spot-The-Cats πŸ™‚

view to garden

No cats on view just now…

squirrel thru window


twig on sofa

…and sometimes it was nice to doze after a hard day’s walking


Our morning walks were in this lovely wee park…

Erw Goed

… and the house was right beside the railway line

There weren’t very many trains a day so it wasn’t too noisy, and in any case, I liked hearing the trains chuffing past every so often.

WHR engine

Here comes the steam train…they tooted when we waved πŸ™‚

We even took a trip on the train one day, just a short ride down to Dinas so we could walk back along the cycle path.

train tickets

I really like my special “Rover” ticket (and the people were third class!)

twiglet on train

I was mostly well-behaved…

WHR locomotive

This was our train when we got to Dinas – it’s quite big!

Then we had an easy walk back to the house along the cycle path. It was a very handy path as you could also walk into Caernarfon on it, and stay off the busy roads.

cycle path entrance

We walked into Caernarfon a fair number of times on the path…

Our first proper walk though was up a hill called Conwy Mountain. It was a great hill, but it was very windy that day – my ears kept blowing the wrong way!

path on Conwy Mountain

Ears flapping in the wind…

view of the hill

It was a lovely walk, even if it was on-lead (because of the sheep)

After our windy walk on the hill, it was time for lunch so we went into Conwy and found a great cafe where we could sit outside. @HeatherAlex had what sounded like “welsh rabbit”, which would obviously be delicious, but she told me it was mostly cheese, which is also delicious. I did get a few crumbs πŸ™‚

Conwy has a castle too, but we didn’t explore it. Instead we went for a walk across the suspension bridge and had a look at the tiny Toll House where people used to pay to cross the bridge.

COnwy castle

All these places have castles, it seems…

suspension bridge

…but I liked the bridge better

mussel statue

… and there was this pile of HUGE mussels by the harbour!

We needed to walk off our lunches, so we went to explore Aber Falls.

slate fence

First, we walked past some fences made out of thin stones called slates – very different to the stone walls I’m used to…

view to the falls

It was a great walk out to the falls, even if I did have to be on the lead…

welsh ponies

…because there were other animals about

Aber Falls

It was definitely worth the walk, and I had a great paddle in the stream below the falls

My people quite like woods and waterfalls, like me, so the next day we went off to find the Swallow Falls. We had to drive up a VERY narrow and steep road to get to the car park. It had nice views but I did NOT like the drive (I don’t think my people much liked the drive either).

view from car park

There were peacocks hollering in the distance too but I wasn’t allowed to chase them this holiday…

in the woods

…still, it was a really lovely woodland walk…

twig with a twig

I found some tasty sticks to chew…

Swallow Falls

…and the falls were impressive

We had taken a picnic lunch so we didn’t have to find a dog-friendly restaurant but we found one in Capel Curig anyway, just for a wee refreshment, as they say in Scotland. And then it was off to our afternoon walk at Cwm Idwal.

view of the mountains

It was a beautiful area but it was oh so windy!

cwm idwal

The lake (Llyn Idwal) has waves and spray from the wind…

My people could barely stand up in the gusts of winds (I was fine, being nearer the ground), so we didn’t finish the walk that was in the book, and hot-pawed it back down the path to the car!

It was nice and sunny the next day, though, so we went to find a nearby beach for a long walk and much chasing of the ball. DInas Dinlle has MILES of sand. Part of it is not for dogs though, so it’s best to park in the last car park as that is right by where dogs can be.

beach view

There’s a LOT of beach….

view of hills

…with great views …

seagulls on beach

… some seagulls for chasing …

twiglet chasing ball

… and of course, balls to chase too πŸ™‚

twig on beach

… I’m ready – you can throw it again now!

That afternoon, after lunch and some snoozes, we went to find Gelert’s Grave. It’s a sad story about a brave dog 😦 There’s a statue to him as well as a tombstone.

Gelert statue

Not sure what he’d have made of the lamb, mind you

We had a good walk after that (another one from the book) and ended up at a cafe in Beddgelert having ice creams. Yum!

On our last day, me and @HeatherAlex were on our own and had to do packing and stuff (again!), so we went back to the beach at Dinas Dinlle for some ball chasing.

twig with ball

There’s no escape for this ball…

twig with ball

Here I come – throw it again!

And all too soon it was time to leave Wales. I had a great holiday with loads and loads of walks and ball chasing. Still, at least we were driving to a very special birthday celebration with the family, so we had that to look forward to.