I haven’t posted much here because, well, truth be told, it hasn’t felt like there has been much to post. The year started off well, and we even had some snow (I love playing in the snow).

walk in the snow

I love an early morning snowy walk

But unfortunately I enjoyed myself a bit too much and I hurt one of my back legs when I was chasing a ball in the snow at the park. After I stretched a bit, it felt ok so I carried on chasing the squirrels. But that night it was definitely ouch-y and I was limping, so I had to go to the vet the next day. No-one seems to know quite what I did but Ross-the-vet said it was probably wasn’t my knee (great news) but was most likely a “soft tissue” injury. This was a bit confusing to me because I injure soft tissues quite regularly and that doesn’t make me limp…

torn up tissue

This is how I treat soft tissues πŸ™‚

Anyway, I wasn’t allowed off the lead any more and could only go on short walks.Β  Imagine walking in the park on the lead when all these squirrels are out playing!! 😦

squirrels at the park

Can you see all those flippin’ squirrels taunting me?

In fact, even those walks were too long as I still kept hopping so I was sentenced to 5-10 minute walks round the block. For 2 weeks! But it did seem to work and I was hopping much less – but then I sneaked out the back door and chased up and down the garden barking at Cat-Next-Door. It was great fun but I started limping again 😦

So we were back to 5-minute walks. Sigh. After that, I did a lot of gazing out of the window to watch everything outside, especially looking out for Cat-Next-Door.

sitting at the window

I can see everything from up here…

And I did lots of snoozing in the sun by the window too…

snoozing on the chair

I do love a sun-puddle…

To be fair, @HeatherAlex did try to make life more interesting with extra games and training. I wasn’t allowed to play Fetch or Chase or Tuggy, of course, so I had to make do with Find-The-Treats. Actually, I do quite like that game πŸ™‚

And we practiced some mat work using the clicker. I get very excited when I see the clicker coming out to play, so I have to calm down and go sit on my mat. Sometimes for quite a long time, till I hear the click and can come and get my treat.

on the mat

Look how calm I can be when a treat is only a click away…

We were allowed to gradually increase our walks – adding an extra 5 minutes every few days. But no parks, no rough ground, no stairs… And then I was banned from my favourite chair by the window because I jumped off it when I saw Cat-Next-Door and… you guessed it… I started limping again. Back to 5-minute walks AGAIN. Sigh. Lots more snoozing but not on the high chair any more…

snoozing on sofa

I can’t bear to watch yet another Scottish “gallant defeat” at the rugby…

During this time, @HeatherAlex has been amusing herself too. Even going out for walks without ME! And taking pictures of them to show me too 😦

bridge at Linn park

I haven’t been to Linn Park for ages…

The other thing she was doing was a clear-out. A lot of stuff was cleared out (none of it mine, thank goodness). One thing on February 1st, 2 things on February 2nd, all the way up to 28 things on February 28th. That was an amazing 406 things altogether! From books to games to magazines to CDs to maps to more books, and even out-of-date food from the cupboard (which I did offer to eat). Everything had to be photographed and put on Facebook to see if we could find a new forever home for it*, and I did my best to help.

* well, not the out-of-date food, of course

2 boxed games

It didn’t take long for these to be snapped up with me in the picture πŸ™‚

We had to be very firm that I was not included in the deal πŸ™‚

Anyway, it’s been nearly 2 months since I hurt myself, but finally we are making progress. I’m still on the short lead all the time, but we are now going to the parks, I’m walking on rougher ground, I’ve been allowed to walk downstairs (not upstairs yet) and our walks are up to 40 minutes. So things are looking up! I did hear that I might be allowed on the extending lead today. I’m looking forward to that πŸ™‚

Hopefully I will be back to running and chasing soon, and then there might be more news here…