Now that we’ve finished the Big Walk (you can find out about it here), I thought I’d look back at what we did. I had to get @HeatherAlex to do the fancy computer stuff, cos she kept all the records of where, when and how far we walked.

So, in all, between 1 January and 12 October 2014, we walked 1002 miles in wild(ish) places – parks, forests, beaches, hills, countryside and a golf club! Mostly, it was in parks as you can see from the picture. I’m told it is called a “pie chart” but it doesn’t look like any pie I’ve ever seen…

pie chart of walks

As pies go, this one isn’t very tasty!

Of the parks, roughly half of the miles were walked in city parks and the other half in “country parks” like Pollok or Mugdock. Now my friend Phil could tell you all about Scottish country parks because he’s doing research on them, and when he comes to visit, we go try out ones I’ve not been to before. I may not know much about the history of our country parks but I do know that I like them all so far! Especially the ones with squirrels 🙂

And of all the walks, if you know what percentages are, apparently 83% were in Scotland, and the rest in England. I think of that as, if there were 5 squirrels, it’s like 4 are in Scotland and 1 is in England… Squirrel-obssessed? me? Well, maybe just a bit…

squirrel eating nut

I would LOVE to get this close to a squirrel!

We averaged 3 and a half miles a day, managing over 100 miles most months.Well, what that means is that @HeatherAlex walked that amount of miles. I, on the other hand, RAN for lots of those miles, and I also ran lots of extra miles chasing balls and – of course – in pursuit of my small furry friends with bushy tails….

The picture below shows how many miles we walked each month. You can see that we didn’t walk as much in July as the other months. I would just like to say that I walked LOTS of miles in July, but I was staying with my friends at Tails of Tranquility while @HeatherAlex was being a Clyde-sider for the Commonwealth Games so those walks didn’t count as the whole point was that we were doing the Big Walk together.

monthly bar chart

This is a “bar chart” but it doesn’t look like any bar I’ve been to…

Although we mostly walked by ourselves, we did have company too, so here are some of the folks who came on our 1000-mile walk. If I have missed anyone – sorry! – just let me know and I will see if I have a photo 🙂

Most weeks, we walk with Karen & Murphy (he’s a bit like a Big Brother to me – not as big as he used to be, cos he has lost LOTS of weight and is looking very slim nowadays!) so he was part of quite a few of our walks this year:

Twiglet and Murphy sitting

Are we being good or what??

We walked quite a few walks with Linda, some in England and some when she joined us on holiday in Newton Stewart:


Just big enough for me and Linda…

Our good friend Ally joined us on holiday as well…

Cairnsmore of Fleet

With Ally on the very top of Cairnsmore of Fleet

We quite often walk with Morna & Finzi at the weekends. Somehow Morna has kept out of my pics, but in this one, I’m wearing her sunglasses!

Twig in sunspecs

I think Dior suits me…

And then there’s Phil “Country Parks Are My Speciality” and Carolyn, and our friend Lennox from university days (that’s a LONG time ago, I can tell you!).

Rouken Glen falls

Carolyn & Phil (and me!) at Rouken Glen

in the woods

Lennox & Carolyn at Mugdock Woods – they forgot to include me!

We met up with @RohanTheBT in Killin, which was great – putting a Twitter name and furry face together was good fun!

Killin pub

Someone’s very focussed on the sausages…

Various friends from around Glasgow helped out too:


Me, my friend Liz and …. something mysterious in the loch at Drumpellier!

The Refresh Group

The Refresh gang let me come to Aberfoyle with them…

And the Stirling & Dollar crew:

Relaxing after a saunter in Glendevon...

Relaxing after a saunter in Glendevon…

From further afield (we went to the Pentlands for this walk):

Pentlands view

Our friend Clare with Maxy & Dougie…

Finally, there was the last walk up Ben A’an, which we did with Jonathan:

summit view

The view… I was off sniffing out wildlife at this point, I think!

As for the “how much?” part of all this… We are still aiming to raise £1007 (our half of the £2014 target for the team). Lots of people and furs have been very generous and we’re doing well (thank you all!) but we’re not quite there yet. Well, being honest, we’ve a fair way to go, seeing as it was quite a big target. So if you like walking in wild land and you’d like to help protect it, would you mind sponsoring us? You can find out what the walk was all about (and make a wee donation) on our JustGiving page here. You might also consider joining the John Muir Trust, volunteering on one of their work parties or buying their Christmas cards – it all helps!

Thanks to all who’ve supported us, come with us, and donated pounds to the sponsorship. We’ve definitely enjoyed the walk this year and will be thinking of new ways to lend a helping paw next year.