Well, who would have thought in January and 1000 miles of pawprints ago that we’d have finished our Big Walk by early October?!

But we did πŸ™‚ and our 1000th mile was walked on Sunday October 12 on a lovely wee mountain near Loch Katrine called Ben A’an. Hmm, I say “lovely” and indeed the hill is lovely but the alternative route we had to take because of forestry operations was a bit less than lovely. It was very slippery for the humans coming down… I was fine, of course, with my four paws and their claws, but it was quite funny to watch them slipping and saying naughty words!

Anyway, I’ll come back to our final walk on the Big Walk in a minute, because we did have to walk quite a few miles in September and the first bit of October before we could do that Last Mile.

Warning: this post may be a bit longer than usual as we did do quite a bit of walking! So just in case you don’t make it to the end, could I just give a teeny mention to the John Muir Trust (cos that’s who we’ve been walking for)? You can read about why we’re walking here, where you can (if you also love walking on our country’s wild land) also make a wee donation to help protect our special places.

It’ll be no surprise to regular readers that we visited all our usual parks in this home stretch. So here’s a round-up of some of my recent photos from the local parks…

sunshine thru trees

We had some gorgeous autumn mornings in Queens Park…

sunshine thru trees

…and some lovely sunny times in Pollok Park too

box garden at Pollok

I like running through the maze in the flower beds at Pollok House…

There were some windy days as well, though.

fallen branches

This poor tree lost almost all of its branches in the high winds we had…

broken tree

…now it looks like it is pointing sadly at its old branches 😦

But I had to chuckle when the winds were blowing conkers off the trees…


Hee hee, this conker hit @HeatherAlex when we walked through the woods!

It’s definitely a good time for squirrels in the park. I’ve run way more miles than @HeatherAlex has walked because I have been chasing after them. So I have done WAY more than 1000 miles, I’d say πŸ™‚ Β I will confess that I have been less than wonderful at coming back when I’m called away from squirrels. But what’s a red-blooded terrier s’posed to do??

Looking for squirrels

I know that there are squirrels hiding among the trees…

Twiglet on log

…but every so often, I stop for a wee breather after chasing the pesky squirrels…

I’ve met up with friends for some of my walks. Most Wednesday evenings, I walk in Pollok Park with one of my good buddies, Murphy. He’s great – he runs about mental and sometimes nearly knocks me over, but he’s very good at finding things to eat so I stick with him. And if we ask really nicely, we get some of the loveliest smelly fish treats you can imagine πŸ™‚

Twiglet and Murphy sitting

Are we being good or what??

In September, I had another of my good friends walking with me. He’s called Finzi. We go for weekend walks together a fair bit but one week his regular dog-walker wasn’t able to walk him on weekdays, so he came with us on our lunchtime walks. He had to stay on the lead though, in case he chased after the deer. But it was nice to have the company πŸ™‚

Twiglet & Finzi

Me an’ Finzi had some good walks together, even if he was on the lead…

One weekend, we were on our way to Mugdock Country Park, we came across a collie running in the road so I had to be very well-behaved and sit in the front seat, while @HeatherAlex and two other ladies tried to catch him. He had no lead or collar so we couldn’t phone his owner. Luckily we always have a spare lead and collar in the car, even if it was rather small for him! He was a bit reluctant to get in the car, but eventually he did (amazing what enough sausage can do) and one of the ladies came with us to hold me and help us find the police office.

Rescued dog

This is my reluctant anonymous friend…

Once we’d delivered him to the police office*, we carried on and went walking at Mugdock. I just love the river there and I have a favourite spot where I jump in after sticks (it’s the only place anyone’s allowed to throw sticks for me, for some reason). Just to be annoying, I always take the sticks back to the other side of the river, so @HeatherAlex has to have a good supply!

Twig in the river

SPLASH! I’m going to get that stick, even if I have to swim for it….

We did some of our 1000 miles back down in the Far South as well, visiting @HeatherAlex’s mum. I won’t put in lots of pics of Chobham Common, but here are a couple of my favourites:

Twiglet on the common

There’s something small’n’furry in the grass here, I just know it…

And one day I ran over a small snake. Didn’t think anything of it, to be honest, but when @HeatherAlex caught up with me, she realised it was a young adder and they are poisonous! Glad I didn’t sniff it too closely…

Adder in the grass

You have to look really closely, but there’s a very young snake in the grass here…

But finally we came to our Last Mile… We went with Jonathan, a friend of @HeatherAlex. They didn’t half talk, cos they hadn’t seen each other for a lot of years. But somehow they still had enough puff to get to the top!

Ben A'an

We’re about halfway up at this point, with most of the nasty muddy slippery bits out of the way

summit pic

At the top!! And 1000 miles done πŸ™‚

summit view

The view… I was off sniffing out wildlife at this point, I think!

Ben A'an

Ben A’an from the road home…a proper wee mountain!

So………we made it! One thousand miles later, paws tired, but very happy that we’re helping to keep wild land wild.

Twiglet on the sofa

A well-deserved rest after LOTS of miles *zzzzz*

If you’d like to help to protect wild land, then please do make a donation on our JustGiving page. You can also find out about the Trust – they do lots of great things, like the John Muir Award and arguing with governments and repairing paths and loads more. Maybe you’d like to join and add your voice to ours?


* PS the good news is that our collie pal was claimed that same day – seems he’d run off from a local farm and got a bit lost