Can you believe it? we’re actually writing about our month within a few days of the month ending ๐Ÿ™‚

It probably helps that we didn’t have so many pictures to sort through, partly because it was quite wet for a while and the camera doesn’t like rain any more than I do!

So August started off with me still at my home-from-home as @HeatherAlex was driving for the Commonwealth Games for a few more days. No sooner was I back in my proper home than we set off for a couple of days on Arran with family. We did walk a few times on the beach at Whiting Bay as part of our Big Walk, but I don’t have any pictures of that so here’s one of me in the boat….

Twiglet on boat

Nice views but definitely chilly *brrrrr*

There’s a bit of a theme to this month’s tales from the Big Walk, which is Things We Find On Our Walks.

You might remember from last month that I found a new friend in Queens Park, a big wooden version of the Games mascot, Clyde (the Thistle). Well, this month someone very kindly donated him some traffic cones:

Clyde - Games mascot

Someone gave Clyde a hat (or two!)

If you don’t know Glasgow, you might not realise that putting traffic cones on statues has quite a history here. There’s a statue of the Duke of Wellington outside the Gallery of Modern Art and he almost always has a cone on his head, put there by happy people in the city centre. During the Games, he even had a special golden cone to celebrate all the gold medals that Scotland won. Then after the Games, someone decided that his horse looked unhappy without his very own cone…

Duke of Wellington, Glasgow

In the city, the Duke always wears a cone…and his horse has one as well now!

Back on our walk, on our first walk back in Pollok Park, the Things We Found were some VERY strange objects:

film set pollok park

I don’t think it would be very nice staying in one of these…it looks a bit draughty

film set pollok park

Less draughty, but not much of a view from inside this one ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

It turned out that they were there using the North Wood as a location for a TV series (called Outlander).

film set pollok park

It was great fun sniffing round it all…

Later in the month, we were walking along part of the West Highland Way by Craigallian Loch. We decided to stop by the Craigallian Fire for a snack. Well, boy, was I in luck! The Thing We Found was very tasty. Someone had obviously had a large cheese there and cut off lots of the rind AND LEFT IT THERE by a tree just for me ๐Ÿ™‚ I headed straight for it and was happily chomping it, till I felt a hand on my collar. Dag nab it, I had to leave it there and was tied to a tree while the cheese was gathered up (and was later put in a bin – such a waste!).

tied to a tree

Still licking my lips – it was yummy!

But our best Thing We Found was the family of hidden foxes at Loch Ard. They are part of the Loch Ard Sculpture Trail, which is a very pretty walk through some forests and by a loch or two. I put aย  picture of the fighting squirrels in last month’s blog. But the walk description on the Walk Highlands website said there were foxes hidden in the woods and we’ve never seen them, despite looking very hard every time we go. Mind you, it also says the eagle is golden and it is definitely silver!

But this time we went with someone who knew where they were… I still think they are very hard to spot in among the trees if you don’t know where to look. Look very carefully…

loch ard sculpture trail

Wheeee, I finally found the foxes! (there are 3)

loch ard sculpture trail

The silver eagle is on the post sticking up

We also had some beautiful views on that walk…

Loch Ard view

Still waters at Loch Ard…till I jumped in ๐Ÿ™‚

Other than discovering cones, wagons, cheese and hidden foxes, most of our walks were in our usual parks, where I can chase balls, hunt squirrels, run through the long grass and splash in the river (I’m not allowed in many of the ponds just now because of something called blue-green algae).

pollok park north wood

I’m sure I heard a squirrel in those trees…

grass against sky

This is the view I get when I’m running through the long grass…

Despite not walking for the whole month, we did notch up 100 more miles on our Big Walk. By the end of August, we had covered 857 miles in total so we are definitely making progress towards our goal of a thousand miles. Those of you who are waiting to see if we do the whole distance can start looking out those credit cards now! ๐Ÿ˜‰ย  If you’d like to help protect the wild land we love walking in, you can do that on our JustGiving page – thanks!