The astute among you will notice that I’m writing about 2 months in one go here. Yes, I know, it’s cheating but honestly I have some great excuses. For a start, June was mega-busy. We were on holiday at the start (I mentioned that at the end of my May blog) so I had LOTS of pictures to sort through from that week, and then we were away again at the end of the month, visiting @HeatherAlex’s mum down in the Far South, so we had even more pictures. And then July…well, July was a very different month because I really didn’t see much of @HeatherAlex at all. I did LOTS of walking with my friends at Tails, but of course those walks don’t count for this Big Walk, because it has to be both of us walking.

Anyway, here goes with our Big Walk in June and July…

You’ll remember from May that we headed to the south of Scotland to a place called Newton Stewart to stay for a week, and we had a couple of good friends stay with us as well, which was great because they play with me too and throw the ball so it is double the fun (at least!). This is our friend Linda looking at waterfalls when she could be helping me chase squirrels…

woods wander

Waterfalls are nice, but I prefer sniffing out the wildlife ๐Ÿ™‚

And this is our friend Ally, helping us to conquer the mountain (errm, hill) behind our cottage.

Cairnsmore of Fleet

On the very top of Cairnsmore of Fleet

We were staying near the Galloway Forest Park. It’s a great place with loads of walks, because it is quite a big park! And it has been there for over 60 years, which is a very long time – it’s even older than @HeatherAlex…ย  *chuckle*

Galloway F P 50th cairn

This is the cairn celebrating 50 years of the park (I’m behind it!)

The forest park has lots of trees, lochs and hills, so of course, most of my pictures are of trees, lochs and hills ๐Ÿ™‚

Loch Bruntis

Our local loch near our cottage by Kirroughtree – bit chilly for a dip tho!

Loch Trool

Lovely and misty by Loch Trool

Loch Trool - east

This is at the other end of Loch Trool…

otter look-out

There were s’posed to be otters here but I couldn’t sniff or see any ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Loch Bruntis

Loch Bruntis again (the local loch)

Loch View trail

This was on a walk called “Loch View” – this was the ONLY spot with a view!

Some of the walks had things we weren’t expecting to find…

This is called “The Eye” at the Black Loch…

You can look through a tiny hole in it…

looking thru the eye

Well, you can look through it if you are tall enough (I wasn’t!)

And there was wild life of a sort too:

carving of deer head

I spotted this in one of the woods – didn’t smell much like a deer tho!

There weren’t just deer heads – we also saw some people heads on one of our walks – they looked very uncomfortable!

stone carving of head

A lonely head on top of a wall.. how odd…

stone carvings

These 3 were guarding a hole in the wall…still very odd!

We found some great places to eat or get a coffee – I especially liked the ones where they let me in! The Galloway Arms in Newton Stewart let me in the bar area (where you can eat). The Belted Galloway cafe at the car park in town (owned by the same people) is terrific too – they gave me a dog biscuit or three – yum! And they have the most accurate weather forecast tool I’ve ever seen, much better than those apps you get on phones ๐Ÿ˜‰

sign at the belted galloway

It’s *always* right!

So that covers the holiday at the start of June. I’m going to skip through the rest of June a bit, mostly because you have already seen pictures of the local parks, the Whangie and Loch Ard, because they are our favourite walking places. I can’t resist showing you my favourite bit by Loch Ard though:

sculpture trail - squirrels

Can you guess why I like this part of the forest?? Look closely at the trees…

At the end of June we headed even further south to visit @HeatherAlex’s mum. You’ve seen lots of photos of Chobham Common so I won’t put many here. This is one of my favourites, because I just *love* this pond for plashing and jumping in:

chobham common pond

Look how far I can jump! (good practice for agility long jump)

While we were there, the walking shoes completely shredded themselves and new ones had to be bought:

old and new shoes

Just remember…I walked all those miles on my PAWS!!!

On the way home, we visited Lincolnshire for a wedding, so we went exploring and found a pond for me to splash in (it’s in Twigmoor Woods, so it was VERY appropriate for me to walk there!).

pond in Twigmoor Woods

Lovely on the paws…

Back home for July and we squeezed in some walks in our favourite parks…

Rouken Glen

Hiding in the grass at Rouken Glen…

Pollok House gardens

Hiding in the maze at Pollok House gardens…

Boardwalk at Mugdock Park

Back on the boardwalk at Mugdock…

with Briso at Rouken Glen

Playing Fetch with my pal Briso at Rouken Glen

Reaching at Pollok pond


And finally… looks like I have a new playmate at Queens’ Park – this is Clyde, the mascot of the Commonwealth Games which were held here in Glasgow over 11 days in July and August.

Clyde at Queens Park

Errm, he’s quite a tall thistle, isn’t he??

So that’s a quick scurry through my walks in June and July. We clocked up 129 more miles in June, and a measly 67 in July. But we had reached the grand total of 757 by the end of July, which is pretty good going as it means we are three-quarters of our walk to our target of 1000 miles. As ever, if you’d like to sponsor me and help the John Muir Trust to keep wild land wild, you can donate here.

Thanks for reading!

PS In case you’re wondering if my typist/best friend/walking buddy had gone off on holiday without me, nope, she was being a Clyde-sider for the Commonwealth Games. She had a wonderful time, she says (even though I wasn’t around, so I do find that hard to believe), and drove some very smart-looking cars around Glasgow with Games people in them. I’ve decided to let her put ONE picture here to show what she was doing…

collage of cars

These are the sports logos from the car she drove each day…and the uniform is quite smart too!