You would think that – since we reached a significant milestone in our walk in May – that this blog would be published on time, wouldn’t you? Well, don’t blame me, blame the typist! Anyway, better late than never so here goes…

May was exciting for lots of reasons… We went to some new parks, visited our first agility show, met one of my Twitter friends and went on holiday in the far south of Scotland for the first time. AND….we reached our halfway mark on the Big Walk!! Yep, we reached 500 miles on May 17th, as part of the 101 miles we walked this month. So if you’ve not sponsored me yet, maybe you’d like to do that now that we are over halfway???? It’s all in a good cause, trying to keep land wild for us and our people to walk on and enjoy in years to come. Thank you! And whether you do sponsor us or not, I hope you enjoy reading the tales of our walks 🙂

One of the best things about our Big Walk is meeting up with pals who come with us. And it’s even better when it’s a new pal (or in this case, TWO new anipals and a new human pal). Me ‘n’ @RohanTheBT are friends on Twitter but we’d never met till this walk. Mr Mike brought Rohan and his sisfur Poppy on holiday to Scotland in May, and we joined them in Killin for a forest walk above the town.

terriers in Killin

We be three terriers having fun!

Afterwards we went for a drink at a dog-friendly pub called the Falls of Dochart Inn, where we all behaved very well – most of the time anyway – and we even got titbits from the couple who shared our table! We dogs that is, our humans didn’t get anything for free and had to buy their own drinks.

Killin pub

Someone’s very focussed on the sausages…

If anyone is looking for dog-friendly places, I can recommend the Inn. And I saw this sign in a cafe window in Killin, which I thought was very good:

cafe window

Yay, another dog-friendly place to visit, assuming our people are allowed in 😉

We had some more forest walks in May, and again with friends. I have been out with this group before – they are called “Refresh”. I think it’s because they like refreshments after our walk, like beer and wine and ice creams and coffee and food. All I get is water and a small chew! Anyway, they are good friends so it is great to meet up with them for a walk. We went to Mugdock Woods with Marian first…

Marian behind tree

I can see you hiding behind that tree!

…then later in the month all of us went to walk in the forest at Aberfoyle. We had a great walk, with a waterfall and trees and sculptures and a bouncy ball and – of course – refreshments 🙂

aberfoyle forest

Can you see the sculptures of people among the trees?

sculpture in woods

A very odd sort of a tree, this one


I do love playing in running water...

I do love playing in running water…

…ending up at the dog-friendly Forth Inn in Aberfoyle:

at the hotel for lunch

Refreshments for Refresh (and me!)

We went to some new places in May too. @HeatherAlex is going to be a volunteer driver for the Commonwealth Games when they come to Glasgow in July, and one of the event venues is Cathkin Braes where people will be riding mountain bikes very fast. So we went to find out where it was and have a walk there.

Cathkin Braes sign

You do have to watch out for speeding bikes in this park…

I even found myself a new trig point for my Twig-at-trigs collection:

from the Braes

There are good views out over Glasgow from here too..

The other new country park we went to was Eglinton Country Park in North Ayrshire. There was an agility competition there, and @HeatherAlex was helping out a bit, picking poles up if they were knocked down. But once she had done that, and I had a look at all the dogs competing, we went for a bit of an explore…

castle at Eglinton

There’s a ruined castle with lots of room to play fetch-the-ball…

eglinton park

…and a riverbank to explore as well

We did also go away on holiday in May – twice!

The first time, we visited Arran where @HeatherAlex’s brother and family were staying. We did lots of walking on the beach with people and dogs (Dylan the BT, and Samba the Lab).

on the beach

PLEASE…throw that ball!

I do love the beach…

sitting at the beach

I don’t want to go home, can’t we stay longer? pretty please?

at the pier

We had some lovely evening walks…

Our second holiday was to Newton Stewart, but most of that was in June, so I’ll tell you all about that in our June blog. We did do one walk in May, though, by the river that runs through the town so here’s me and our good friend Linda having a well-earned rest on our walk:


Just big enough for me and Linda…

For the rest of the month, we went to our usual parks in and around Glasgow. So here’s a selection of some of the best bits:

Cherry blossom in Queens Park

Cherry blossom confetti in Queens Park

Pollok collage

Spring flowers at Pollok – blooming lovely 🙂

pollok north wood

The woods are steaming! Pollok North Wood after rain

rouken glen park

My ball’s in the stream! at Rouken Glen

Now, this Big Walk is all about walking with ME! It’s a thousand miles with me so it doesn’t count if @HeatherAlex goes for a walk by herself. She went to Dunbar in May for a Gathering of members of the John Muir Trust, and left me behind (at my favourite home-from-home, it has to be said). She wanted to include a picture or three from that trip (mostly cos she used her fancy new camera for most of them), but I was very firm.

“If I wasn’t there, it doesn’t count, and you can’t have a picture on the blog”, says I. “Who has all your yummy treats and food?”, says she. So we compromised.  It’s not a walk picture but one of the statue of John Muir as a young lad before he left for America. After all, we are raising money for the Trust that bears his name, so it is ok really 🙂

John Muir statue

John Muir as a young lad – I think I would have liked him

So that’s our tales from the trails for May. Hopefully our June blog will be done soon too! Till then…happy walking!