I know, I’m late again in posting this – it will soon be time for the May episode! You know what they say though, better late than never…

During the month, we had very mixed weather for our walks. April lived up to its reputation for sunshine and showers, and added in some misty mornings for good measure:

Pollok Park pond

Some days it was sunny…and I could enjoy splashing in the ponds…

sunny bluebells in Pollok Park

…and the sunshine showed off all the bluebells…

rainbow in Queens Park

…some days were a mix of rain and sunshine so we had lovely rainbows…

foggy in Queens Park

…and some days you could only see to the end of your nose!

We tend not to have pictures of the very wet days in case the camera gets too wet, but believe me, we had some VERY wet days in April! Which of course also meant there was lots of water in the streams and nice mud for me to play in 🙂


LOADS of water coming down the waterfall at Rouken Glen

river at Rouken Glen

…so loads of water in the river for me to play in (and nicely muddy too)

And Pollok Park had lots of mud too:

Twig on jetty at Pollok

My magnificently mean, moody and soon-to-be-muddy look…

Despite the mixed weather (some might say it’s because of the mixed weather), Spring was definitely in the air with trees and flowers coming out to say Hello:

Bluebells in Pollok

Pollok North Wood had a carpet of bluebells…

flowers in Pollok woods

…not to mention some whitebells as well (they might have a proper name!)

trees in Pollok

The trees started putting out their leaves…

Some of the local wildlife thought it was Spring too and started building nests:

moorhen nest on pond

Great…soon there will be baby coots for me to chase!

Meanwhile we did some training on our walks. We don’t have many pictures because mostly @HeatherAlex has to have my treats ready and not the camera. So we’ve practiced “out” around trees, and “left” and “right” as well. This one is a faraway sit – the “stop” command. I’m quite good at it unless there are rabbits or food nearby!

in the woods

Bet you can’t see me…this was a very faraway Stop 🙂

But sometimes my reward for a Stop is to be allowed to chase something – like this squirrel (there is one there, honestly). I am fast but I can never quite catch them – this one had quite a head start on me, mind you 😦

Queens Park squirrel

Look out Mr Squirrel, here I come!

We have had company on some of our walks too. This was a special one at Drumpellier Park, where lots of people from Scottish Women in Business did a “stroll” for their charity of the year.

SWIB stroll at Drumpellier

Me ‘n’ the SWIB strollers getting ready to move out

I hope they don’t mind but I’m only going to mention the charity that WE are supporting with our 1000-mile walk, and that’s the John Muir Trust (JMT to its friends). JMT helps to look after and protect the wild land we love to walk on in Scotland (and hopefully soon in the rest of the UK too). If you have visited Ben Nevis, that’s one of the mountains JMT looks after 🙂

So it would be fantastic if you could sponsor our 1000-mile walk. You can find out more about the walk and why we’re doing it (and sponsor us!) on our JustGiving page. And the good news is that we are doing very well against our target of 1000 miles, as we had completed 460 miles at the end of April – ta-ra!