First of all, I’m sorry this is a bit late in telling the tales of our March trails. I’ve explained why I’m a bit behind here, but despite all that, we have definitely been keeping up with our walks. By the end of March (*drum roll please*), we’d reached the grand total of 344 miles. Which is over a third of the way to our target of 1000 miles in 2014 – yippee!

Because @HeatherAlex’s mum was poorly again, we did some of the miles in England as well as at home here in Scotland. We also went to some new places this month, like a country park in Surrey and a different service station on the drive south.

Lightwater sign

Lightwater Country Park – a new place to try out

M6 Killington

A quick walk at Killington Lakes

And on our way back to Scotland, we stayed in Haxby with our friends, Carolyn & Phil. They’ve only just moved there so I’d never been to this house before, but I do like their woods, especially as they are quite muddy…

Haxby wood

I’m loving all this mud in Haxby’s community woods

I like their new home – they have a great window sill for me to sit and watch the world go by (and bark at the world as it is going by). So I just made myself at home…

Twig on windowledge

Watching the world go by…

I like staying with them a lot. Carolyn comes for walks with us whenever we see her, and Phil throws my ball for me all the time – he’s great fun! (and to think he didn’t really like dogs all that much before he met me 🙂 )

Phil & Twig

Throw it again, Phil, throw it again!

As usual, we went walking with other friends too. I like it when we have friends along because they play with me and sometimes they give me treats 🙂 One of them even lent me her sunglasses!


Me, my friend Liz and …. something mysterious in the loch at Drumpellier!

Linda with ball

I like walking with Linda – she throws the ball a lot 🙂

Twig in sunspecs

I think Dior suits me…

The weather has been a bit mixed again for our walks this month. Some wet days, some windy days and some fabulously sunny days! The sunny days were mostly in England, I have to admit.

Twig at Whangie rocks

A windy day at the Whangie

Sunningdale in sun

Glorious early morning sun at the golf course

There was a bit of a difference between our visit to Chobham Common last time and this time! It was much drier and sunnier most of the time…

collageof wet path/dry path

On the left – our previous visit . The stream is back to being a path now!

Twig at Chobham

Lovely and sunny – perfect for a spot of ball-chasing!

But it wasn’t always sunny – this time, we only just made it home before the rain started…

thunder at chobham

Uh-oh, that looks like thunder clouds, time to go home!

Sometimes we see animals when we’re out on our walks. Usually we see squirrels, rabbits and foxes, but this month we saw some deer at the golf course. You have to look really closely at the pic to spot them!

deer on golf course

Look closely and you will see 2 deer crossing the green!

Elephant carving

Some animals are easier to spot! A new friend at Pollok Park…

And sometimes we look at the birds. Personally I like ducks best, because they are great for chasing!

bird against clouds

This bird was a brilliant flier – swooped and soared – too high up to chase

Some birds were VERY noisy, and seemed to fly in circles over the hill.

model aircraft

There are 2 noisy birds up there…

I did hear that they might have been very small aeroplanes – but they would have to have VERY small people on board in that case…

Have I ever mentioned that I like ponds and streams and paddling in water? I have? Oh well, I will just mention it again. Here are some pics of me enjoying my favourite hobby (especially when I have a ball to play with).

Twig at Chobham

Just me and my ball and some muddy water…

Twig at Chobham

…how much better can life get?

Twig at Chobham

Me and my ball and cleaner water…

Twig at Chobham

…perfect for a splash around!

Twig at Rouken Glen

I especially like splashing in rivers

This month, @HeatherAlex had a bit of a close encounter with a stream on one of our walks. It was all her own fault. She threw the ball towards the stream, not me. She had decided not  to wear her wellies so she couldn’t just wade in to get it. And she was the one who decided that she would try to get my ball back by lying on the ground and reaching down for it. To be fair , it was stuck in a bit of an awkward spot…

Twig at Sunningdale

The ball was stuck on that wee ledge…tricky!

Since the ground by the stream was a bit of a slope (which you can’t really see in that pic), the disaster was always going to happen. She hadn’t even managed to get the ball, but she couldn’t wriggle back up the slope either (I had to try not to giggle out loud at this point). Here’s the inevitable result…

after the fall

Umm, she’s a bit wet…

The great news is that, of course, she could then reach the ball no problem and so we got it back safe and sound – yay! We did have to head home then though, as she was very wet (hee hee, it’s usually me that’s wet after a walk when there’s a stream).

As you can see, it was an eventful month, with lots of fun on our walks, even if I did have gastroenteritis and then colitis quite badly for some of the time. But we are doing well on our Big Walk, which is all in aid of the John Muir Trust so that they can look after wild land across the British Isles. If you’d like to sponsor me, you can make a donation here – thank you!