I’m a bit behind with blogging this month, as I’ve not been very well for a few weeks.

SOMEONE (naming no names, but they know who they are) thought it would be a good idea to change my food. I know, I know – it was from the best of intentions – changing to a better food, and hoping I would scavenge less if I was eating better. Nae chance, as they say here in Scotland!

Sadly it didn’t work out well at all. We found what looked like a good food here. We did it the right way… changed the food gradually over about a week. And I have to say, it was definitely yummy! My coat became very smooth and shiny. And some people said I behaved better and was more chilled with other dogs. But…

…my poos became VERY hard and dry, sort of crumbly. We tried variations of the food – different flavours (I liked the duck! I try even harder to catch them at the park now 🙂 ). But I had several small bouts of colitis and then a bad one. And I never really got over that one. We switched to the low-fat version to see if that would help, but it only helped for a day or so then just got worse and worse. I was very sore, and kept stretching to try to make the cramps go away. We think maybe the dry poos irritated my gut and made the colitis flare up really badly.

The first vet gave me THREE injections (one of them makes me very odd – I cry and whine even though it is supposed to make the pain go away) and I ended up having almost no food for 2 days. But my tummy was still not right so according to the next vet, I had to take a new tablet called steroids (Prednicare). That made me VERY thirsty so I drank loads and loads of water and chicken juice, and could pee for Britain for a few days! When I did get food, it was boiled rice and chicken, very small amounts, 6 times a day – and now we’re gradually bringing in my old type of food. We like the advice here, though we haven’t tried the slippery stuff yet – going to ask the vet about that.

And happily, after 2 weeks of mucus, blood, gut lining and diarrhoea, I did my first near-normal poo yesterday. Here it is 🙂

poo bag

Beautifully wrapped, of course!

So now we’re going to switch out the rice and boiled chicken, and get me back onto my old food. That’s the plan, anyway. And I don’t think I will be getting my normal cocktail sausage bits when we go to agility class tonight somehow. Shame….

Anyway, we’re all just happy that my gut seems to be behaving again, and we’re NOT planning any more changes of food!