It might be the shortest month  but we have managed to walk quite a few miles this month too. 118 miles in January – can you guess how many we’ve done in this shorter month?

We’ve been further afield this month because @HeatherAlex’s mum was poorly so we went to look after her. I sit by her chair and let her scratch my head so she feels good. And I let her feed me treats and little bits of toast or crackers. I think I could have a career as a Pet Therapy dog, I’m so good!

We did do some walking in Scotland, but quite a lot was in the Far South, with my favourite places being Chobham Common and Swinley Forest.

We started off the month by going for a walk in the Pentlands with my friends from Dunbar, Maxy and Dougie. Maxy and I had to be on the lead most of the time because there was just too much temptation from small furries…

Twig & others sniffing

Lots of nice rabbit smells around here

Like last month, we did have some glorious morning skies, like this one:

sunrise sky

Those amazing colours did correctly predict massive amounts of rain later!

And one morning we saw a lovely double rainbow…

rainbow at queens park

The rainbow was too big to get it all into the picture – but it was very beautiful

Then it was off to the Far South for us. As you will see from the pictures, it also rained a lot down there. Sometimes it felt like we were walking along streams rather than along a path. Like this one…

wet path

Believe it or not, this is actually a path!

It all made chasing my ball a bit difficult and very wet at times, but that has never yet been known to stop me…

Twig with ball

Honestly, it’s NEVER too wet to chase a ball!

In the mornings, we went for walks on the golf course across the road. It’s apparently a very special golf course – Sunningdale – which golfers drool over the way I drool over cheese, but to me it is just woods and grass, streams, deer and rabbits. Unfortunately I am mostly kept on the lead on the course, in case I chase anything or get too excited about the small white balls that people hit with long metal sticks. It all seems very odd to me…

Sunningdale golf course

One of the nicest bits of the gold course to look at…

Sunningdale golf course

…but the best bit is where I am off the lead and allowed to chase my ball 🙂

I wasn’t allowed to play in the sandy bits they have round the course, but quite a bit of the time it looked like the golfers wouldn’t be able to play in them either!

Sunningdale golf course

This is called a bunker but it looks just like a pond to me

Most afternoons, we went to Chobham Common for a longer walk, and mostly I was off the lead there. There’s just one spot with lots of rabbits in the gorse, so I have to be on the lead if we  go there sadly.

Chobham Common

Some days the weather was quite nice, even if the ground was very wet

Chobham Common

This is a monument to Queen Victoria, but I am more interested in the rabbit droppings to be perfectly honest

My favourite favourite place on the common is a pond where I can drop my ball and play “dooking for the ball” (if you don’t know what “dooking” is, it’s a Scottish word – I heard it when humans were talking about dooking for apples).

We have LOTS of pictures of my pond…

Chobham Common

My favourite pond…

Chobham Common

It was a bit sunnier this time

Chobham Common

Ready to play the Dooking game

Chobham Common

I practiced my agility jumping there too

Of course, there were other ponds all over the common, some are only there when it’s wet and others (like my favourite) are there all the time.

Chobham Common

Lots of good sniffs at this pond up on the hill

Chobham Common

…and more good sniffs at this one

We didn’t just go to the Common though. A couple of times we met up with our good friend Linda, who braved the rain  to come and walk with us at Swinley Forest.

Swinley Forest

See, you can play ball even when it is raining hard…

We did come home at the end of the month, stopping off in Oxfordshire to visit @HeatherAlex’s sister, Jayne, and her family. Another place for good sunrises:

Banbury fields

Sun rising over Banbury fields

And then it was back home to Glasgow. We finished off our walking month with a trip along the canal to the Falkirk Wheel with @CatCripps, @WendyAtGoucher and Alison.

antonine wall

You can even play Fetch on the Antonine Wall 🙂

The Falkirk Wheel

This is the Falkirk Wheel, a very clever way to move boats up and down a hill

So… how did we do this month? Well, it is a shorter month, so we didn’t do quite as many miles but we still managed to walk ONE HUNDRED AND TEN miles! Woo hoo, we are well on our way to a thousand miles 🙂

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