It’s been a pretty wet month here in Glasgow. Not as wet as some places – I’m glad I don’t live in the Somerset Levels! – but we have got wet quite a few times while we’ve been out walking our miles.

This month, we’ve mostly been walking in the parks – Queen’s Park (my local park), Pollok Country Park (my favourite woods and splashes), Rouken Glen (my favourite burn for playing in) and Mugdock Country Park (my favourite castle for exploring). But we’ve also been further – with a trip to the Whangie, which is one of our regular hilly walks, a visit to North Third near Stirling and a walk through the Ochils.

Can you guess how many miles we’ve clocked up this month? We need to do 84 each month if we are to hit our 1000 mile target. While you’re thinking about that, here are some of the best bits from our miles this month…

We’ve had some lovely skies on our morning walks, before the rain started!

morning sky

Lovely pink morning clouds… a shepherd’s warning of rain

morning sky

Another day, more pink clouds, and yes, it did rain!

morning sky

Look, there’s some blue sky!

Thanks to all the rain, there are some HUGE puddles in Pollok for me to play in 🙂

pollok puddle

An unofficial pond for playing in at Pollok

And it was still there the next time:

pollok puddle

After all that ball chasing, I’ll just have a slurp while I’m here…

One day we went with some friends (and big puppy Pula, the setter) to a hill behind North Third reservoir near Stirling. It was wet!

north third

Pula is lovely and bouncy…and very red…

On the way down, I spotted a boat but decided that it wasn’t going to help much in getting home…

sunken boat

Don’t think we’ll use this boat…

My pal Finzi introduced me to a different park in Glasgow, called Bellahouston, which has some funny bits of metal in a maze:


You can see Finzi in the metal sculpture!

Mostly we go to Pollok for our middle-of-the-day walks. I missed a couple of days because I was a bit poorly and I didn’t do ANY walking (or eating) those days. But you can’t keep a good dog down and we soon made up for lost time! Here are some of our Pollok visits:


Coming back at a run…how good am I??

view to pollok house

This isn’t the best place to play Fetch-The-Ball because it’s very narrow!

This is normally where we play Fetch, but there was too much water!

This is normally where we play Fetch, but there was too much water!

As you can see, it has been pretty wet this month. When we went to Rouken Glen, we couldn’t go our usual way because the burn had too much water in it and flooded the bridge.

flooded bridge

I think we need a boat to cross this bridge!

But, even with all the rain, there are lots of signs that Spring is on the way too:


Look at the snowdrops, catkins and bluebell shoots!

For a longer walk, we met up with our good friend Ally and decided to walk through the Ochils to a lovely dog-friendly hotel in Glendevon for our lunch.

dollar glen

Starting off in the sun from Dollar Glen…


And at the other end…next stop, the pub!

I can recommend the Tormaukin Hotel in Glendevon as a very friendly place for dogs, with a big roaring fire as well.

There weren’t many good views when we went to the Whangie because the clouds were quite low, but we met a lovely group of folk from Scottish Opera, including my friend Finzi, and one of them threw my ball for me almost all the way to the Whangie 🙂

whangie walk

Yippee, someone to throw the ball for me!

Auchineden Hill

Past the Whangie and up to my regular trig point

So… how many miles do you think we’ve done this month?

Ta-ra!! I’m pleased to say we have walked ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTEEN miles in January. Yippee, we are well on our way 🙂

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