It sounds like a lot of miles, doesn’t it? The good news is that we are not going to walk it all in one go 🙂

2014 is a special year in lots of ways here in Scotland. We have the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow this summer, a referendum to decide if Scotland will be independent and the Ryder Cup. But it’s also 100 years since the death of a very special Scotsman, John Muir.

If you don’t know much about John Muir, you can read about in him here, or here. He left Scotland as a young lad and lived in America, where he helped set up national parks to protect wild land there. Here in Scotland, the John Muir Trust aims to carry forward his work by protecting wild land across the UK. They own some lovely bits of Scotland already (mountains like Ben Nevis, Quinag, Blaven and Schiehallion) and are buying a piece of Welsh hillside too! They also run the John Muir Award which gets people (youngsters especially) to find out about nature and wild places all over the UK.

Summit of Ben Vrackie

We’re at the top of Ben Vrackie in 2011

Anyway, me and @HeatherAlex were trying to think of ways that we could help support the Trust. Mostly because we love walking in wild land and wild places, and we want to make sure we still have them in the future!

One of the things John Muir did was walk 1000 miles across America, so we thought…why not walk 1000 miles this year?? Not all in one walk, like John Muir did, but over the whole of 2014. That way, it’s a wee bit easier 🙂  Walks around the block don’t count, but all of our walks where we go to green, sandy or wild places do – so our local parks (the nice wooded ones especially), beaches, hills, forests and lochs will all be counted.

So that’s what our Big Walk for 2014 is – 1000 miles in lovely places. We’d love it if anyone can join us for some of it if you are in the neighbourhood and – of course – if you’d like to sponsor us, that would be FAB-YOO-LUSS! You’ll find details of how to sponsor us here.