One of our favourite walks is a place called the Whangie. We go there quite a lot, so you may have seen it mentioned before, but I thought it was about time I showed folk what it looks like. This trip was in August, on yet another nice day (don’t let anyone tell you that you don’t get nice weather in Scotland, cos we had a lovely summer here!).

On this trip it looked as if it might be a bit dangerous (look at the top left of the sign)…

Whangie sign

Thankfully we didn’t see any of the poisonous monkeys…

It was a lovely day and there were quite a few anipals out on the same walk as us.

Twig & a boxer

He’s quite big but he was friendly, thank goodness…

When the weather’s good, there are terrific views out to the higher hills. But it was a bit hazy on this walk so it’s hard to see them.

view from whangie

If you peer closely, you can see Ben Lomond in the background…

Because it’d been a dry summer, the high walk was much drier than last year (it was very boggy all of last summer) and the grass is quite high.

twiglet in the grass

I sometime get lost in the grass as it is a bit long…

...but I run fast through it when I'm called (treats a-waiting for me)!

…but I run fast through it when I’m called (treats a-waiting for me)!

Up on the high walk, it was quite windy. I’m not sure I like the wind cos it blows my ears all over the place.

twiglet in the wind

Look how the wind blows my ears back…

Sometimes I’m lucky and I find a stick to chew.

Twig with a twig

It’s quite long but I’m sure I can chew it down to size…

We usually go to the top of Auchineden Hill first, where I have to sit nicely for my picture to be taken:

Twiglet pic

Sitting nicely at the top of the hill…

After the summit photo shoot, we head down to visit the Whangie itself.

path to the Whangie

Heading for the Whangie …

It’s quite a spectacular split in the rocks – very high and wide enough (just) to walk through it so you can see the rocks on each side.

whangie split

I love the way the rocks on one side fit into the rocks on the other side!

View from whangie

A Twiglet-sized gap in the rocks to peek through…

I love exploring in the Whangie and jumping all over the rocks. On the way back on the low path, we go past some tree plantations. I like sniffing where they’ve dug big long holes in the ground. We’d been worried that they were planting a forest of commercial trees (very ugly) but what they are doing is native woodland. I’m looking forward to running through the woods when the trees are a bit bigger.

tree plantation

I like running in the bits they’ve dug out…

All too soon, we’re back below the woodland gate. There’s a handy burn right by the car park so I can get a drink (and sometimes I have to have my paws washed when they’re muddy). And then I get to snooze all the way home, so that I’m ready to play again when we get there 🙂