I was told no dogs were allowed. I was told there wouldn’t be much chance of a decent walk. I was told there’d be no other dogs there for me to play with. I was told the weather would be dreadful and I wouldn’t like the rain. So @HeatherAlex went off for the weekend with a group of people, and left me behind.

SOMEONE LIED! And I have the evidence… Look what I found on that new camera…

window view

For a start it doesn’t look that wet (and look at all those juicy sheep!)

And… they went on a nice walk in the hills…

Saturday walk 1

Look at the lovely hills…

Worst of all, look who was with them!

Treacle the dog

This is Treacle-the-BT…

So much for “no dogs” 😦

TReacle sitting

I could have sat nicely too!

race sign

You can tell this group wasn’t racing (too slow!)

Looks like Treacle enjoyed herself, even though there were no other dogs (like ME!!) there…

treacle stretch

St-rrr-e-t-ching is good exercise too

There were quite a few folk on the walk, so I know I would have enjoyed myself:

group at bridge

So tired that they have to lean on a bridge… honestly!

Actually, if the truth be told, I did have a good weekend too, with lots of pals at Tails of Tranquility. But don’t tell @HeatherAlex I told you that, cos I’m still making her feel guilty for leaving me behind!