Just for a change, this post isn’t about me but @HeatherAlex, cos she had a very exciting day last month. I went to stay with my friends at Tails of Tranquility, so I was having a great time while she was away.

Some of you may be tennis fans, so you will know all about this day too. It’s when my favourite favourite tennis player in the whole world won Wimbledon… *wag*

So this is the story I heard once all the excitement was over…

@HeatherAlex went to Wimbledon with our friend @CatCripps, who had been lucky enough to get some tickets for Finals Day. They decided to sit outside in a place called “The Hill” – it’s a big hill with a view of a big screen. It was very busy…

The Hill

Sitting at the top of the hill watching telly

All those bits with grass were filled up with people by the time the Big Match started.

I won’t bore you with a blow-by-blow account of the match, mostly because they didn’t take any pictures. I was watching it with my friends at Tails and it was VERY exciting. I had my paws over my eyes at the most exciting bits… And then it was all over!

Winning moment

He’s done it!

@HeatherAlex and @CatCripps were quite pleased with the result:

happy smiles

Don’t they look happy! πŸ™‚

And Andy was pretty pleased as well, I think:

lifting the cup

He looks happy too!

So the scoreboard looked like this before the match:

Wimbledon scoreboard

BEFORE: there’s an empty space at the end for the result

and it looked like this afterwards:

Wimbledon scoreboard

AFTER: Andy did it πŸ™‚

After all of that excitement on a hot day, some cool drinks were needed:

champagne cocktails

Celebrating with some fizzy drinks…

I didn’t mind at all that I was left behind. It would have been too hot for me on the hill, anyway, and I did get to watch it as well. We were all dancing happy dances when Andy won!