Better late than never, here’s our holiday blog from May. We went to the Yorkshire Dales, which was a new place for me to visit. As you will find out, I had a really good holiday with good friends, but there was only one problem….. SHEEP.

Don’t get me wrong, I like sheep. I really like sheep. I especially like playing with them where they run away and I try to catch them, just like I do with my pals at Tails of Tranquility. But for some reason, the people who own sheep don’t like me playing with them, so I am not allowed off the lead when there are sheep around.

And there were LOTS of sheep around. They were just everywhere:

Lots of sheep

There were lots of sheep in our village…

sheep in fields

…and in every field everywhere we went

Me and @HeatherAlex were staying in a little village called Burtersett near Hawes, in a VERY dog-friendly cottage called Overdale:


This is Overdale, with gates to keep me in and sheep out!

Overdale garden

…and a nice courtyard garden with sunbathing potential

It was a lovely cottage with fab-yoo-luss views over Wensleydale (that’s the dale we were staying in). Here’s the view from the bedroom I was in:

Window view

Wensleydale through the window, with lots of sheep

For the first part of the week, we had my good friend Ally to visit. She’s a bit strict with me but she loves me really 🙂


Here’s Ally wondering about having a cuppa

For the second half of the week, we had my friend Carolyn. She lives further away from us, so we don’t see her as often, but she definitely likes me!


Carolyn even brought me a toy…

chewing the ball

…which I confess I destroyed fairly quickly 🙂

There weren’t any shops or places to eat in Burtersett, but that wasn’t a problem because there is an old quarriers’ path that heads across the fields and straight into Hawes.

quarriers path

Look at this amazing path, straight to dog-friendly Hawes

Hawes has to be the friendliest place I have ever been. As far as we could see, every hotel and pub, and a tea room or two, was very happy to have us dogs in to visit, not just at outside seats. We particularly liked the one where they do a fish’n’chips special on market day (Tuesdays). But as you can see, they also served ice cream!

Sundae on Tuesday

A sundae on Tuesday, how confusing is that?

I wasn’t offered any of this, but I think that was because of the chocolate. It must have been that, because I asked ever so nicely.

There were lots of thing to see and sniff, and anipals to meet, around the village.

old tractor

I don’t think this tractor is going anywhere very fast

head down a rabbit hole

Not sure who lives here, but I think they must be out for the day…

small ponies

These horses were not much bigger than a sheep…

I found a VERY large rabbit hole, but no rabbits sadly…

underground shelter

Do you think giant rabbits live in this hole?

There was some unusual birdlife in Hawes:

Bird sculpture

It was very tame and didn’t fly away when I barked at it…

And of course….

sheep & lambs

…there were lots of sheep!

wooden sheep

…including this one with a dog, it was very odd

I was very good though, and even tried making friends:

sniffing sheep

See how friendly we were? 🙂

We went for lots of walks near the cottage:

Wether Fell

Up to the local hill, called Wether Fell

Semer Water

A bit further away, to Semer Water…

Hardraw Force

…and to a local waterfall called Hardraw Force

We didn’t get lost once!

Direction sign

Which way do we go from here then?

We didn’t see many stiles like we have in Scotland, but there were small gates in the walls. They were just the perfect size for me, but my human friends had to squeeze sideways through a couple of them (I blame it on the fish’n’chips they ate – I told them they should have shared them with me).

wall gate

A Twiglet-sized gate!

I was very good when we stopped for drinks:

Hardraw pub

Waiting for the drinks to arrive…

on guard

But I did have to make sure no-one else came in our spot!

Once or twice, I had to be left outside, hmmph. So I missed the wild food:

wild canapes

Are wild canapés a kind of animal?

After Carolyn arrived, the weather wasn’t very good for a day or so, though we did still get out for some walks.

rain on window

It’s raining out there…

Twig on ledge

Umm, do we really have to go for a walk…?

Twig with toy

Actually I’m too busy de-stuffing my toy to go out in the rain, thanks….

And then the rain stopped for a bit, so we went to Aysgarth Falls and for a walk across the fields:


Lots of rain = lots of water in the falls, I guess

gate in field

A very silly-looking stile in the middle of a field… Why??

And we found a house with a river running through it:

river in house

Not sure I’d want that in my house!

On our very last day, the sun shone brightly so we decided not to go home straight away and went out for a last walk in Burtersett

last day walk

A last walk around Burtersett…


I said my goodbyes to the sheep….

I relaxed in the sun while the humanfolks packed up the car:

sun puddle

Aaah, a nice sun puddle where I can relax and watch them work!

And because it was such a nice day we went over to Swaledale and had a final walk:


I think she’s looking for sheep…

All in all, I really enjoyed my sheep-y Dales holiday and was sorry to leave…

windy day

What a lovely place to spend a holiday!