I had a funny sort of a day yesterday.

First of all, we went for an extra walk before lunch, with a bit of ball throwing, and in a park we don’t usually go to. I did hear @heatheralex say to someone later that it was to run off some of my energy. Ha! No chance 🙂 It takes more than a walk to a park and a few Fetches to tire me out!

After lunch, we went to Wizard of Paws. It’s one of my favourite places. They have all sort of lovely yummy things there, like pigs’ ears and bulls’ pizzles, and chews and food and bones, and there are LOADS of squeaky toys. Not that I get to eat the yummy stuff, because of my delicate tummy, but a girl can sniff and dream… But we weren’t there to buy anything.

I usually go to Wizard of Paws for day-care, where I get to play with friends and run around. It’s great (and even that doesn’t tire me out!). But we weren’t there for day-care.

Some dogs go to Wizard to have a shower or get their fur done (clipped or stripped). I don’t do that, so it was no surprise that we weren’t there for grooming.

They do loads of dog training there too. I went to lots of puppy classes, walking-on-lead classes, coming-back-when-called classes, clicker classes and even some fun agility, so I was hoping we would be doing some fun stuff. But we weren’t there for dog training classes either.

Nope, we were there for HUMAN training 🙂  Something called Tellington Touch or TTouch.

It involves sort of massaging (small circular movements), fur pulling (gently), ear rubs (my favourite bit), and other stuff. It was okay for a bit, even if some of the other dogs were a bit noisy sometimes (well, there was a lovely 10-month old there who clearly just wanted to run and play, so I could understand her asking nicely to go out to play). In fact, I quite liked it to begin with – who doesn’t like a rub and a massage?!

But if I’m honest, after a couple of hours, I was a bit bored. So I started arching my back to say “enough, thank you very much”. And then I put on the soulful eyes. But finally I had to resort to whining. Just politely, but a definite whine. Which did work – yay!

And then we had ANOTHER park walk, a proper one, up in the woods, and lots of ball chasing and jumping in the pond, and then in a lovely muddy puddle. It was great fun, and a good way to end a different day.

PS I had a nice “tarantula” rub this morning – I think that is my next favourite after ear rubs 🙂