We went for an easy walk today near Falkirk, at somewhere called the Falkirk Wheel. I am not sure why it is called that, to be honest, because I couldn’t see any wheels, just a canal sticking out into the air over another canal, with a sort of a lift for boats between them. Not that we saw any boats either, mind you.

From the top, it does look quite nice though, and it was a lovely day:

Falkirk Wheel - at the top

Do you think it looks like a wheel??

We were there with @CatCripps and @WendyatIdrach for a wee wander along canal paths and up through the woods.

Friends at the Wheel

All set for the “off”!

I was *mostly* good about lots of things. I was well behaved with other dogs. I sat nicely at lunchtime and didn’t beg too obviously. I barked bravely at a swan on the canal.

swan at the canal

I think it’s ok to bark, cos it can’t get me!

I played Chase with some friendly pups (they were Broodle Griffons – I’d never met one of those before). But … umm… well, I did run off after some small furries in the bushes and wouldn’t come back for a bit, so I did spend the rest of the walk on the lead.

But all in all it was a good walk, and now it is time for some zzzzz….!