I do like going up hills, especially with friends, so when @HeatherAlex’s friend Linda came to stay we decided to go up a nice easy Munro (that’s the hills over 3000′ in Scotland – there are 282* of them).

The hill we picked was Beinn Ghlas, a mountain in the Southern Highlands. Now, you can climb all 1103m (or 3618′) from more or less sea-level if you insist, but we decided to drive up to the National Trust for Scotland‘s car park. It’s not cheating, ok… Really… Oh well, it was a nice walk anyway.

We got to the top but no-one took any pictures 😦  Honestly, you just can’t get the help. So here we are setting off back down again after our lunch at the top. You can see the top just behind my friends Kay and Linda:

beinn ghlas 1

My wet companions!

There’s a lovely path down the glen, rather than just going back the way we’d climbed, so we headed off down that.

Down from beinn ghlas 2

The walk down the glen

If you are eagle-eyed, you’ll see that there’s a VERY long lead trailing behind me. I can’t think why @HeatherAlex doesn’t trust me around sheep 😉 but there were rather a lot of them on and around the hill. So I was on the training lead all the time, except when we were in the fenced conservation area. @HeatherAlex likes that bit because the trees and flowers are all growing back, with no sheep or deer to nibble them. *I* liked that bit cos I was off the lead and could run around properly! I even posed for an outdoor portrait:

Posing? me? Surely not!

We had a lovely day, made all the better because I have “bagged” my first Munro. Only 271 to go! *wag*

Looking to the summit

That’s my first Munro safely bagged!

* when @HeatherAlex started the Munros, there were 277 of them, then some hills were “promoted” so there were 284, and since she completed them, 2 have been “demoted” so there are only 282 nowadays