It has been very hot here compared to usual (it’s about 25 Celsius, just a bit too warm for me). A week ago it was miserable and raining, and new wellies were ordered cos the old wellies leaked. These arrived at the same time as the hot weather 🙂

new wellies

Not exactly seasonal! but I am sure they will be useful

Anyway, it being a bit hot for walking in the afternoon when we normally go, we went this morning instead while it was still a bit cooler. Back to one of my favourite places, Mugdock Country Park just north of Glasgow. It’s a quite a big park, with its own castle and loch and woods and places to barbecue and such like.

We started off in the woods, nice and shady…

bluebell woods 1

Cool and pretty in the woods today

Then we went up onto the moor so I could chase my ball. It was great fun, but very hot work so I had to find some water. There’s not a lot up on the moor, but I did my best and found a nice muddy bit to jump in.

Muddy Twiglet

I found a lovely mudbath for me and my ball

I knew I’d be able to wash it all off in the pond or the river so I wasn’t too worried, but @HeatherAlex wasn’t very pleased when I shook myself next to her 🙂

I met a new friend as well – he’s very big, called Bruno and is even more black than me! He’s a Newfie, and he’s had a summer haircut…

New newfie friend, Bruno

Not sure – is he friendly??

New newfie friend, Bruno

Yep, he’s a nice big gentle dog 🙂

Then we went for a walk on the high walk outside the park, leading down to the West Highland Way. There was some good shade up there as well, though they’ve been cutting lots of the trees down, so not as much as there used to be.

log skip

Up at the highest part of the walk, nice to have some shade again

I had to be put on the lead for the next section, cos last time we were here I smelled a rat or a rabbit or something under a huge woodpile and I tried to dig my way into it & wouldn’t come back when I was called. I’m apparently not allowed to do that again 😦  Anyway, soon enough we were down at the loch. Unfortunately some people and their friendly pup were in our favourite sitting spot by the Craigallian Fire, so we went and sat by the boathouse for a snack.


Relaxing & munching an apple by the side of the loch

After that, we went to a great paddling place so I could wash off some more of that mud:

bridge over stream

One of my favourite spots for a paddle


Even if I do have to wear that silly muzzle thing

Then it was a long stretch along by some more woods and a river (yep, another paddle), though MORE woods and up to Mugdock Castle. I never noticed before but it has flowers growing in the walls. I’m not sure they are meant to be there but they do look nice.

castle with heather

There’re flowers growing in the walls, how odd…!

After the castle, it’s down to Mugdock Loch where I got to do lots of splashing and swimming, all chasing a stick. It was great fun!

Then it was back to the car through the woods again

Bluebell woods @ Mugdock 2

Ending as we began, back through the bluebell woods