So… I was wandering along at the country park today, at the end of a great walk where I’d met loads of new animals and had a generally great time. And I spotted a yummy treat sitting on the ground – a cream & jam scone wrapped in cling film. What’s a dog to do? I headed over at a trot and hoovered up half the scone and washed it down with the cling film before I was captured. It was all very tasty!

Unfortunately that was not the end of the story, cos @HeatherAlex was worried about the cling film and phoned the vet, who said I had to go in & see them. They gave me an injection that made me sick and I threw up everything, including the cling film. That was apparently a good thing as otherwise I might have had to have an operation to remove it. Then I had another injection to stop me being sick. I felt very wobbly after all that, and to make things worse, I’ve had no tea tonight. Not a thing.

I’m just hoping I get some food tomorrow….

And maybe, just maybe, I won’t scoff a cling film-wrapped cream scone left lying on the path in future??