The weather man said it was going to be a lovely day today so we decided to go for a walk with our friend @CatCripps. She suggested a walk in the forest – she said it was to keep me away from sheep – me? chase sheep? little ol’ harmless me?? Well, ok, so I have chased a sheep or 2 in the past, but that was when I was too young to know any better. (Now I’d make sure I caught them! hee hee)

Anyway we went to the big forest in the Trossachs off a very windy, up and down road called the Duke’s Pass just north of Aberfoyle. You’ll find the walk we did here.

It was very misty to start with, so everything is a bit fuzzy.

Leannach walk - Ben Aan

A misty Ben A'an (I've been up that hill)

Leannach walk - 2

It's quite hard to see the hills in the mist

Leannach walk - Ben Venue

That's Ben Venue - I haven't climbed that yet

But then the sun came out and people started taking clothes off.

Leannach walk - 4

Getting warm, so time to take clothes off

I have to keep my fur on, of course, so I do like to jump into the puddles and streams that we find, just to keep cool.

Leannach walk - 6

Warm for me too, so I found a nice stream to jump in

Sometimes I sit by the side of the path and chew a stick…

Leannach - 5

Time for a short break...

Leannach walk - 7

Off exploring along the stream

We practiced “recall” quite a lot today and, even though I say so myself, I was VERY good at it. Look at me heading right back from the stream,

Leannach walk - 8

...I came back really fast when I was called πŸ™‚

and to Cat as well.

Leannach walk - 9

And another fast recall (I'm good at these)

Leannach walk - 10

Coming back AGAIN, how good is that?!

This one was REALLY fast…

Leannach walk - 11

This time I was so fast the picture is blurred! πŸ™‚

Then Cat decided she liked the puddles as much as me, and wanted to take one home with her. I tried to help her too, but she was quite good at it by herself. We lent her a tub to take the puddle home in. It’s funny because I didn’t know people collected puddles.

Leannach walk - 13

She's picking up the puddle and putting it in a tub

Leannach walk - 14

I tried to help, but she wasn't very grateful

Leannach walk - 15

There are some wriggly things in the tub too...

Then we started heading back to the car park.

Leannach walk - 12

Shall I go for an explore?

These are the same two hills as before, but it’s a little bit (just a little bit) clearer at this end of the walk.

Leannach walk - 16

Ben A'an is a smidgen clearer now

Leannach walk - 17

And so is Ben Venue...

Right at the end we found a nice stream so I could have a drink and wash my paws, and I even left a mark so people would know I was here today πŸ™‚

Leannach walk - 18

A stream to clean up in

Leannach walk - 19

"Twiglet woz ere"

All in all, it was a lovely walk. I’m hoping for another one tomorrow, cos the weather man says it will be nice again, yay!