You just can’t get the help these days… I’ve been wanting to blog about my adventures for AGES but have had to wait for my turn at the computer. So much to catch up on, so little time to do it…

It’s partly because @HeatherAlex’s mum was quite poorly at the end of last year so we spent a lot of time visiting her in faraway England, and it was very busy. But I did get to visit some good places to walk so I thought I would make a start by showing you some of my walks in October 2011. They were in Perthshire, Surrey and Berkshire. Here goes…

First of all, we were on holiday in Dunkeld just before we got the call about @HeatherAlex’s mum:

Dunkeld & Birnam map

This is the area where we were staying for the weekend

We were there with @HeatherAlex’s friend Carolyn (she doesn’t tweet, yet):


@HeatherAlex's friend Carolyn (she was very nice)

We did go for quite a few walks, even though we weren’t here for very long. This was just up from where we were staying. I’m being very patient (as always):

Waiting for Carolyn

I'll just sit here and wait, shall I?

We went to a place called the Hermitage, and there were some lovely rocks and a river, but I wasn’t sure about exploring it:


It's a l-o-o-o-ng way down!


...and the water is very fast...

Hermitage I'll just admire it from here, thank you

Another walk was to find some big trees… We found them πŸ™‚

River walk

You don't mind if I have a wee scratch while you take pictures?

Big tree

Great tree, but not a squirrel in sight...

And finally we went for a walk in a big forest, which was great:

Forest walk

Lots to explore on our last day...

But then we had to leave our holiday and head south to Berkshire, so it was a change of scenery. Actually, the weather was much better in the south, so I really didn’t mind too much.

Our favourite place to walk is called Chobham Common. It’s very big, so we only explored a bit of it.

Chobham Common

Lots of space to run around in

Chobham Common

I'm looking for squirrels - not many around here...

There was a bit of rain one day, but we did get to see a lovely rainbow:

Rainbow at Chobham Common

I liked the rainbow

We did go to some other places as well. There’s Virginia Water, which is a very big lake with a totem pole near it and some lovely gardens. I had to be on the lead there though, so it wasn’t my favourite place, to be honest:

Virginia Water

It's a bit deep for me to swim in here

And first thing in the mornings we hopped across a very busy road to a golf course (I had to behave there!).

Sunrise over Sunningdale

It was a pretty sky, with the jetstreams from the planes

It was all very well looked after there, but I wasn’t allowed to chase the squirrels or the deer so – all in all – my favourite place was the common.