The observant among you will spot that I’m a bit late with this post, cos we went to the Lakes in May/June, during the very few fine days of sunshine there were. So, my apologies that this is out of order, but it took a while to sort out the photos and only pick the best ones (if you think there are still lots of photos, you should see all the ones that I didn’t include!).

@HeatherAlex had hunted down a dog-friendly cottage to rent and it was – handily – right next to a hotel with a dog-friendly bar and a restaurant (I wasn’t allowed in the restaurant, but you can eat in the bar as well). It’s called the Troutbeck Inn, just down the road from Penrith.

Troutbeck Inn 1

That's our cottage, to the left of the hotel

Troutbeck Inn 2

That's our front door...

The cottage was very nice, even though it was upside-down. The kitchen and living room were upstairs, with the bedrooms and bathroom downstairs. Very confusing for me. I wasn’t always sure if I was heading in the right direction on the stairs!

On the stairs

Am I meant to be going upstairs or downstairs right now??

It didn’t take long to find out that there were – to everyone’s surprise – very few opportunities for off-lead walking for me. Either near the cottage or anywhere else for that matter. The problem was SHEEP. They were everywhere. Some might say that the problem was little ol’ harmless me, of course, cos when I see sheep, I must admit, I do think it’s good fun to bark at them and chase them. A nice placid Lab might get off the lead more than I do when there are sheep around.

So I was on the lead for most of our walks 😦 Even that didn’t stop me having a go, mind you. We were walking along a wee lane near the cottage when I smelled some sheep in the field.

A sheep field

Sniff sniff... I can smell sheep!

Gate of the sheep field

I think I can just squeeze in through the bars...

I was too quick for @HeatherAlex and @CatCripps and made it in to the field, but I couldn’t go very far, thanks to that lead. Needless to say, I was recaptured fairly soon 😦


Captured, dagnab it!

We did have some nice hills near where we were staying – the big one is Blencathra (also called Saddleback) and the little one is Great Mell Fell. I’m told they are both “Wainwrights” – why all these hills have to be on a list somewhere beats me, I just like going up ’em!


Blencathra - that's a big one (we didn't go up that one)

Great Mell Fell

Great Mell Fell - we did go up that one!

Mostly that week, we went on walks up fells or in woods. The weather was very sunny most of the week. If you want the truth, it was just a wee bit TOO hot for me. I spent lots of that week panting…


It was VERY hot on some of those walks!

by the stream

Finding water was a bit of a priority for me!

But we did climb some lovely hills and see lots of brilliant views… Our first walk was up Gowbarrow Fell by Ullswater and then down by Aira Force:

Up Gowbarrow Fell 1

Part of the way up the fell, looking along Ullswater...

Up Gowbarrow Fell 2

And I think that's another trig point for me πŸ™‚

aira force waterfall

This is the Aira Force waterfall...

The next day, the weather wasn’t as good, but we still went for a walk (up a hill called Latrigg, I think). It had good views over Keswick, well, as good as the clouds would allow:

Looking over Keswick

Check out the hill on the other side of the lake - that was our hill for our last day, Cat Bells...

When we went up Great Mell Fell, I was let off the lead for a bit, because there was a fence alongside the path keeping me out of the field with the sheep. Luckily there was a gap under the fence so I managed to nip into the field and chase a few of ’em – result! I did come back – eventually…

Great Mell Fell 1

I was let off the lead again a bit later...

It was definitely hot though, so I did like the bit where the walk was in the woods and I could play hide-n-seek with Ally πŸ™‚

Great Mell Fell 3

Bet you can't find me...!

Great Mell Fell 2

Yay, we made it to the top - time for a woogle!

The next day, we had a brilliant trip. I went on a boat. Not as big as a ferry, not as small as a fishing boat.

Ullswater trip

Umm, the land seems to be getting further away...

It was a trip on Ullswater and we went to a small place called Howtown. When we got there, we headed straight up Hallin Fell. It was very hot. But I was – as usual – way faster than most of the people with me πŸ™‚

Hallin Fell 2

Talking when walking seems to slow them down...

Hallin Fell 1

So I had time to enjoy the views from the hill...

Hallin Fell 4

A bit bigger than yer ordinary trig point!

The next day was a bit boring for me, cos @HeatherAlex and @CatCripps were going to the AGM of the John Muir Trust (which looks after wild land to make sure it stays wild). The only good bit was when we went out for a walk. I think they said they were looking for ospreys, but I didn’t see any. Seems the birds had moved to a new home down on the lake and were quite hard to spot:

looking for ospreys 1

They had big telescope things, but still couldn't see much in the way of ospreys πŸ™‚

looking for ospreys 2

So I kept myself amused chewing twigs...

On the Sunday, we climbed our biggest hill of the week, Cat Bells.

cat bells 1

On my way up Cat Bells with Cat (geddit?!)...

cat bells 2

And we made it to the top of another hill...

On our last morning we finally found a sheep-free walk near our cottage (only took us a week!). I dropped my ball in the stream but I think you will agree that I was quite clever about getting it back:

waiting for the ball 1

If I wait on this rock...

waiting for the ball 2

Just a little bit longer...

waiting for the ball 3

...and I have it!! πŸ™‚

What a great holiday. Big thanks to @CatCripps and Ally for making it such good fun *waggy tail*