What’s a Corbett? you might ask. It’s a Scottish hill of at least 2500 feet and less than 3000 feet high (the 3000-footers are called Munros). Don’t ask me why they have funny names like that… (if you are interested, there’s loads of information in places like Wikipedia). Up to now, my biggest climb has been a wee hill called Ben A’an, a mere pimple on the landscape at 1115′.

Now that my knee’s better and I can walk further, @HeatherAlex decided to take me up a Properly Grown-Up Hill and picked Ben Vrackie:

Ben Vrackie

Gosh, that mountain looks a long way away!

We had a lovely sunny day and the path was very good, so it was quite easy going really:

Vrackie path

It's a lovely path, with lots of water to drink on the way

I am much quicker than my people friends (@CatCripps and Ally were with us, so it was a very friendly sort of a day), so I did spend quite a lot of time sitting and waiting for them as we climbed the hill:

Waiting for the humans

I'm being patient...

Waiting for the humans again

I'm being VERY patient...

Cat & Ally

Amazing, they've finally caught up with me!

I also met lots of anipals on the way up (and down). Some of them played with me as well. Here’s “Red” (that was my name for him, as I didn’t catch his proper name)…

Vrackie red setter

Quick, is that a sheep over there?

Our chase game was a bit unfair, as Red could run through the heather while I had to bounce in and out just to see where I was going. Judging by the chuckles from my people, I think they thought it was funny, but it made it hard to catch Red. Once on the path though, there was no escape for him!

Vrackie red setter

I liked playing chase with Red, when I could see him!

Still, it couldn’t all be about games and chase, cos we had a hill to climb, so I set off again:

Vrackie path

I'm off up the hill while you lot chat...

Of course, being quite quick, I had lots of time to sniff around and play spot-the-wildlife…

Vrackie path

Is it a mouse? a vole?

But even with all my explorations, I was still ahead of the people:

Waiting again...

I think I look quite regal here (as I wait patiently AGAIN)

Waiting again...

In fact, it's so nice here, I think I'll just sit here for a bit and admire the view

But eventually, we did make it to the top and I “bagged” another trig point, my highest one yet:

On the trig point

Yay, we made it to the top!

On the trig point

Umm, d'you think I could get down now please?

We didn’t take so many pictures going down, but of course I was ahead most of the time:

Vrackie woods

I'll just play on the rock while they catch up

And the end of the day, there’s nothing better than a friendly pub (The Moulin Inn), with a friendly barman who is very generous:

In the pub

I had a treat, water and ice cubes from the nice bar-man...

What a great day! I can’t wait for my next big hill – which might even be a Munro 🙂 …