Holiday time again! We went back to the wonderful Isle of Arran, in the Firth of Clyde. @HeatherAlex has been going for over 40 years (she’s VERY old!!) but this was only my 4th or 5th visit (and only my second proper holiday there).

We stayed with her sister, family and dog called Holly. Me and Holly don’t always get on very well. She was attacked by small dogs when she was little and is not at all happy with smaller, energetic dogs like me. And when she growls at me, well, what’s a terrier to do? I growl and snarl right back. We’ve had a couple of fights in the past, but I’m pleased to report that we sort of got along okay this time. The muzzles helped… though I do *not* like wearing mine.

Anyway, I thought I’d post some pics of our holiday. My big adventure was going out in a boat. I’ve been on ferries (obviously… to get to Arran!) but this was a *small* boat. A very small boat. I was a bit nervous at first…

Twig on board

Look at me, I'm on a small boat!

The land kept getting further away, which was a bit worrying, cos I can’t swim very far.

Looking to sea

Where's the land going?

But everyone else seemed quite relaxed about it all…

The Gordons at sea

Holly and her family seem quite cool about it all...

So I decided it was all probably going to be fine…

Twig on board

I'm feeling more relaxed about the boat now...

Then it got a bit more exciting because I saw some swans right next to the boat:

Swans at sea

I've never seen swans at sea before...

And then, it got even more exciting because people started getting these long poles out with lots of string and glittery bits:


I think they call it fishing...

There’s something called a FishFinder that helps them find fish, but I reckon me and Holly are better at that!

Holly at sea

Holly likes looking for fish...

Looking for fish

And so do I!

But the best bit of all was when Peter caught some mackerel. Slippery shiny fish that looked just delicious!

Caught a fish

Ooh look, Peter's got a fish....!

Can I have that fish? Please?

Can I have that fish? Please?

I didn’t get any fish though – they were put away so that the family could have them for tea ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Fish holder

They're still flapping in there... can I have one to chew please?

Most of the rest of the time, I had lots of walks on the beach and to Glenashdale Falls, chasing balls and playing with Holly’s family.

Ball on the beach

I was distracted by the gulls...

On the last day of our holiday, we went to the 175th Arran Show. Last year, I won 4th place in the Terrier class, so I was hoping to improve on that this year. They had the birds of prey right next to the dog show ring, which did seem like poor planning, but at least it gave me’n’Holly a shared interest while we waited for the terrier class. And look, we’re being nice to each other (ignoring each other is a big step!).

Holly & Twig at the wild birds ring

Holly & me, sharing our love of chasing birds...

Unfortunately the judge was not as impressed with me this year, so I didn’t get a place at all (they didn’t do 4th places this year). Sigh. But we did go to watch some horses and trick riders, which was fun. Well, I watched the horses. Holly stayed gazing longingly at the wild birds, to be honest.

under the fence

If I crouch down, I can just about see the horses...

Most of the people were also watching a Special Guest at the show:

Princess Royal at Arran Show

Who's the lady they are all looking at?

And we ended the day – and the holiday – being quite friendly really.

Holly & Twig

No snarling or teeth - we look happy together!

So, all in all, I had a great time, and am looking forward to my next trip back.