I had a brilliant Easter again this year – this time visiting my friend @catcripps. I knew it would be a busy day, so I got some woogling practice in to warm up before we went:

Woogling on the bed

Early morning woogling practice

We went for a walk in a park with a BIG pond, well, more of a loch really (that’s Scottish for ‘lake’). It was lovely, so I kept going into the water for a swim:

Looking at the loch

Hmm, I wonder if I could go for a swim...?

The water was clear and cool, perfect for a paddle (and unlike the treadmill, it didn’t move under my paws!):

paddling in the loch

Come on in, the water's lovely...

And I found a twig to play with as well:

Twig's in the water

Can you come and throw this for me??

Once we had gone back to the house, it was time for food and games. @catcripps was very generous and gave me some new tennis balls. One had a bit of fluff sticking out, and so I had to do some tidying up so it would roll properly. I got a wee bit carried away…

tidying the ball

Just a little more fluff to tidy up...

After another walk, it was time for cheese and biscuits, not that I was supposed to have any [sigh]. I did eventually spot the cheese, which was unkindly placed within sniffing distance but not within paw distance:

Mind you, I did find that drooling as everyone ate it meant that they gave me a bit just to stop me drooling! [grin]

Overall it was a brilliant day, so a big Thank You to @catcripps the sous chef, Sarah the head chef and Mike.