My friend Miss Pish Posh (who is a remarkable anipal, and who has a lot to say) has started the #destructogang, and I have been allowed to be a member [wag wag]. You can see me with all the other wonderful members on the Gang website.

I think I qualified because of my annihilation of the Christmas reindeer given to me by my 2-legged good friend @catcripps. I removed the first antler within seconds, had a fair old time pulling all the stuffing out…

de-stuffing the reindeer

De-stuffing the reindeer!

and then finally whittled it down to one soggy piece…

The remains of the reindeer

The remains of the reindeer

So when I got back from my secret mission, I found this wonderful badge waiting for me at home:

my badge of honour

My badge of honour!

I’m hoping it counts to destroy food things as well. I had this bone/chew thing that was s’posed to keep me busy for hours and maybe days. The nice lady in the shop even banged it on the counter to show how hard it was. Nothing I like better than a little challenge:

starting to chew

Settling down for a nice long chew...

But honestly… within 20 minutes, I had chewed so much of it that @heatheralex took it away in case I was sick from eating too much. You can see how much I chewed by comparing it to the other one:

measured bone

A mere 20 minutes' work 🙂

So much for lasting me for hours or days!

And when I was in the park this week, I found a tennis ball. You know how sometimes they have a bit of fluff sticking up that you just know you have to chew off to tidy it up (for a perfect throw, you don’t need sticky-up bits). Well, I just had to tidy this one up…

chewing the ball 1

Nearly got it, just that one bit of fluff to remove...

But I got a bit carried away and before I knew it…

chewing the ball 2

Oops, no more fluff left on the ball

I thought it’d be best just to quietly walk away and hope no-one noticed 🙂