I can now reveal all about our secret mission

We were on a mission to look after @heatheralex’s mum, who fell and broke some bones in her face (ouch).We do have a photo of how she looked but it’s not very nice, so I decided not to post it here. She looks much better now though!

@heatheralex's mum looking better

A big improvement after 2 weeks!

It meant I had to be brave and stay in some Very Dark Places at times, mostly for hospital visits. I’ve never stayed in the car for more than a few minutes up to now, and the hospital multi-storey car park was a dark and scary place. I whimpered a bit every time we went in, but I did settle down – I didn’t want anyone to see me in the car so I just lay down and had a snooze. I did get a nice treat every time @heatheralex came back, which meant I didn’t mind quite so much.

Once her mum came home, my job was to make her laugh (not too much or her face hurt where she broke a bone). I was quite good at that. I kept stealing her tissues, even when she was holding them. I begged very nicely for crisps too, which went down well – the begging, that is, though the crisps also went down well with me! She loved it when I barked at dogs and other anipals on the TV as well.

Watching TV

Hmm, very impressive!

On the plus side, I was set the task of exploring Chobham Common to find good places for dogs to walk. Now it has to be said that I think a fair number of dogs might already know about the common, cos we met a lot of them and I even got to play with one or two. Oh and there was lots of pooch poo lying around – I don’t think people pick it up the way we do here in Glasgow 😦

Still, I found LOTS of muddy ponds and wet bits to splash in, and a hill to go up, and some woods.

Was that a squirrel?

Was that a squirrel?

The squirrel ran away

Yep, there he goes!

The best bit (which is odd when you know I didn’t like the Dark Scary Car Park) was where there was a tunnel under the path, sort of a pipe with water and mud in it. There were a few of these that I sniffed at, but there was one where I actually got inside. I think @heatheralex was a bit worried at first, but we terriers were designed to head down holes in the ground after all! I even managed to turn around and come back out again. I did leave a ball or 2 behind in it though. One I did manage to retrieve but the other one is still there, unless another terrier explorer has found it…

Straw on nose

Nope, no squirrels down there...

We were also testing balls for chasing – which is a terrific job for me, as I LOVE LOVE LOVE chasing balls, especially bouncy ones. The best one was a rubber one (that’s the one I went back into the tunnel to get, cos it was too nice to lose). The tennis balls are ok, but they don’t bounce as well. I did some chasing on every walk for about a week but (and this is the Really Bad News) then I dislocated my knee again. The one that was s’posed to be mended. I wasn’t even chasing a ball at the time. Haven’t been allowed to chase a ball since then. Or anything else for that matter. In fact, we didn’t go back to the common after that, just pounded the pavements near the flat. Very dull…

Now we’re back home and I’m waiting to see Ross-the-vet this Wednesday. I did hear that I might have to have yet another X-ray to see what the problem is. Paws crossed…