I am on a Super Secret Mission just now… Obviously, I can’t say too much about what the mission is or it wouldn’t be a secret, would it??

But it involves:

  • lots of car journeys (too many, in my opinion)
  • exploring new tracks and woods
Off-lead walks

Off the lead at last!

  • discovering new ponds
Splashing in muddy ponds

Splashing in muddy ponds!

  • meeting some Older People and being friendly with them
  • some scary dark places (so I try to be brave)
  • and I have to chase a really bouncy ball as part of it 🙂

So… life is pretty good just now. My walks in the parks are getting longer (up to nearly an hour now) and are mostly off-lead. The only small problem is that I do seem to hop a bit on That Leg (there’s more about all that elsewhere), so I am back on the Metacam for now till our Secret Mission is over.

Aha, it’s time for another secret expedition…. <wag wag>

Bye for now!