Just a short section, and yet this posting is a bit late! Sorry – things have been a bit topsy-turvy in our household for a couple of weeks now.

I read this right at the start when it was selected, and again yesterday to refresh my memory (good job it was a short section!). It was quite hard reading, I thought, with all those dogs being killed and eaten by the wolves. It was a bit easier the second time, as I knew what was coming, and I could concentrate more on the writing.

The description of the land (the Wild) and the cold is just amazing. It made my shiver as I was reading it. Not just because of the cold, though that was very shiver-y, but also the way the Wild is characterised with its “vast silence” and “a laughter cold as frost… laughing at the futility of life…” <brrrrr>. It’s like the Wild itself is a character in the book.

I was sorry for the dogs, who were attracted to their deaths by the cunning she-wolf. Such silly boys, being led astray by a female! I was particularly sorry for One Ear and the description of how he was killed.

I’m looking forward to the next section which is more about the wolves, I think.