Wow, what a great book! I really enjoyed reading this. The twists & turns of the plot were great – far more subtle than remembered from the film.

And Jane Austen’s turn of phrase is pretty nifty too – for example, when Lizzy wants to poke fun at Mr Darcy, “She remembered that he had yet to learn to be laught at, and it was rather too early to begin.” – how much that conveys about how much she has learned but also what is in store in their marriage!

I quite like the fact that Lizzy has to eat her words with Jane & her parents, when confessing that – far from hating Mr Darcy – they are to be engaged and she is in love with him. A lesson in not jumping to quick conclusions about people and also perhaps moderating how you speak about them, just in case you change your mind once you get to know them.

How much slower life was in those days. You didn’t visit for a day or a weekend, you went for weeks at a time (no wonder they needed a rich man to marry, since women working was – for their class – not something they did). Not a text or an email or a tweet in sight, but letters. Some lengthy and a joy to read, others pithy and – in the case of Mr Bennet’s to Mr Collins – also a joy to read!

I’m looking forward to the next book choice <wag>