I do like collecting things, mostly so I can chew ’em, but these are a bit different… I’m sort of collecting “trig points” and they are a bit harder to chew. For my readers who don’t live in the UK, a trig point is a “triangulation point”, erected on a high point in the area. They were used by the Ordnance Survey to map the UK, in the days before sat nav. Actually, lots of other countries use them too, but they don’t always call them the same thing. If you want to know more, there’s always Wikipedia!

@heatheralex used to collect all the 3000-foot hills in Scotland – they are called the Munros and she collected them all in the end. They are a bit too big for me at the moment, so I have been collecting trig points till I am a bit older.

I started with Bar Hill just outside Croy near Glasgow:

On top of Bar Hill, March 2010

On top of Bar Hill, March 2010

At the end of August we went to explore an odd place called the Whangie just north of Glasgow. Quite nearby is a wee hill with (yep, you guessed) a trig point, so we had to go there too:

Twiglet at the Whangie

Auchineden Hill, by the Whangie, Aug 2010

And the views on the way back to the car are nice too:

Looking out above the Whangie

Looking to the Campsies

My next trig was on the beautiful Isle of Arran:

Dun Fionn, Arran Sep 2010

Dun Fionn, Arran Sep 2010

In October, we went to North Third Reservoir, near Stirling. A nice white trig point and fantastic views:

Twiglet at N 3rd trig

North Third, Oct 2010

Above th reservoir

The view from North Third

Thanks to @catcripps for sending me the  photo at the trig point.

After that, I had to have a knee operation, so the collecting has stopped for just now but I’m looking forward to collecting some more when my knee is better!