Goodness, there were some long chapters in that section…

It’s been interesting to see the characters developing. There are now several people who I think deserve a little slipper-chewing (if not some ankle-nipping as well!). Mrs Bennet had my vote for that last time, well, now she has been joined by Miss Bingley, Wickham, Lady Catherine and Mr Collins. **

First Mr Collins, <grrrrowl> what an unpleasant man! Another one full of pride – how could anyone turn him down? – he just can’t see it.  Lizzy has saved herself from a fate worse than death and, thank goodness, Wickham has turned his attentions elsewhere as well. Lizzy was much taken with him – possibly because he was (seemingly) wronged by Mr Darcy? – but I think she is none the worse off for him now pursuing someone with more money. Miss Bingley – well, there’s a fickle “friend” if ever there was one. I hope she gets her just deserts (and I don’t mean pudding!). And Lady Catherine is so domineering and patronising that I think I would hide behind the chairs & stay away from her.

Charlotte, now there’s someone I wasn’t sure about. Desperate to marry someone, willing to marry Lizzy’s “reject” only 3 days later, and with a long-term view to taking over Longbourn. She wasn’t endearing herself to me, especially as a friend of Lizzy. But… thinking about her situation, and the need for women to marry if they were not to end up penniless, I can see why she did what she did. And I do think she might quietly be “training” Mr Collins. Judiciously ignoring him at times, insisting on her own way at others (eg the introductions at Lady Catherine’s dinner), managing the household situation to avoid him… She’s not clearly not stupid, and I look forward to seeing how well he responds to training!

** By the way, if you are having trouble keeping up with who everyone is and how they are related, @Millie_Dog does a great job introducing them all in her blog. And MissPishPosh has a lovely take on all of the main folks too – she helped me see Mrs Bennet as a single-minded lady just out to ensure the best for her daughters. She drives me nuts and every time she speaks, I want to chew something, but you can see she’s a product of her time too.