Those who know me from Twitter will know that I have recently had a knee operation. Being a terrier is – of course – wonderful, but does bring with it a predisposition to something called “luxating patella”, which in English seems to be a dislocating kneecap. My right hind knee started dislocating back in November and from then on my life changed (for the worse, for now at least). Runs in the park have disappeared, forget climbing hills like Ben A’an, no more chasing balls or squirrels, in fact, all I could have was boring walks round the pavements by our house. I did get to visit the family terriers over Christmas (which was exciting, especially when Holly & I had a proper fight, all teeth & lots of snarling – @heatheralex was bitten, and not by me!).

Then I had “the operation”. It involves stuff like tendons and bones, and pins for bone grafts, and complicated explanations, but the long and the short of it is that I have been stuck in my crate (a very nice crate, but still a crate) for more or less 24 hours a day for the best part of 3 weeks now. Well, evenings I get to snooze on the sofa as long as I settle down. But I gotta tell you, after a day in the crate, I’m bored, bored, BORED, I have LOADS of energy to use up and I want to play. So I haven’t been very settled down, and end up back in the crate. Hmm, there’s a lesson there somewhere.

I want out of my crate please!

I want out of my crate please!

Last night, just when it was time to go back to the crate for bed, I escaped! @heatheralex forgot to shut the kitchen gate and, as soon as I was off the lead, I made my dash for freedom. I made it to the living room, ran round it a couple of times (you know, that mad puppy race around the walls) with @heatheralex trying to catch me. Then she held out a treat and gave me the Sit signal. Drat, my training took over, I sat, and she nabbed me 😦

The good news is that I don’t seem to have done anything nasty to my knee. @heatheralex explained (again!) that all of this “crate rest” is to make sure my knee is ok for parks, mountains, squirrels & ball chasing, and that if I damage it again, it will mean MORE crate rest, and possibly no more chasing ever. I think she might be more careful with the kitchen gate now too…