I started a bit behind everyone else, but I’ve been catching up! We’re reading P&P on iBooks, which is a new experience. Interesting to see the difference, which is mostly (so far) that it slows the reading down a bit, which makes you appreciate it all the more. It’s too easy to skim a page and miss things in a paper book. And the book-marking is handy. @heatheralex has read the book before (years ago) and seen TV/film versions of it, so the story is reasonably familiar, but we’re hoping to enjoy it all over again with our friends in the book club.


So far, my favourite character is Mr Bennet. I love his dry humour & way of coping with his (irritating) wife. I particularly liked his comment on his wife’s “nerves”: I have a high respect for your nerves. They are my old friends. I have heard you mention them … these last 20 years and was BOL at that. He was very sneaky going to see Mr Bingley without telling all the women in his family.

On the other hand, I think I would be chewing Mrs Bennet’s slippers (or ankles) – so far, she’s my least favourite character. And, while Mr Darcy is presumably meant to be the personification of the “Pride” of the title, Mrs Bennet is very proud of her girls and disdainful of the other girls in the neighbourhood. Mary is quite right in her observation about pride that human nature is particularly prone to it.

I feel sorry for Mary though – plain, desperate for praise & attention, trying too hard and failing as a result.

Of its time

The thing that strikes me as very different to our experience is how marriage is seen. Most of all, the perspective is that it is essential for women, not least for financial security, so the whole aim of a young woman’s life is to find a suitably rich husband, preferably (but not essentially) one with whom she could bear to spend the rest of her life. Related to that is the way women don’t inherit property and indeed seem to be treated as second-class citizens. What a life! Mind you, it’s a bit like that for us dogs. Don’t we rely on finding a good home, preferably one where we’re happy to live & are treated well? Are we second-class too?? [Wonder if @heatheralex would leave me her house??]